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At times, life throws us a curve, and all we can do is hold on and hope for the best. Sometimes this will go our way, but other times it can cause us great pain and hurt.

One such curve came my way in late November. My best friend, Jordan, was forced to move back to Portland and away from the apartment we had gone in on together in Caldwell, ID. It really got me down, but as with everything in life, time went on, and so did I. Sure, I have missed him, but then, this kind of thing happens.

The other day, while driving to school, I put in a cd that Jordan and I listened to all the time. One of the songs triggered memories of things he and I had done, and once again I found that I was really down.

On another note, Julie and I just celebrated our 5 month. We are still together, still going strong, and finding new things to love about each other. She has made me more happy than I have ever been before. I would like to thank her for making my life wonderful.

Thanks, babe! I love you!!!

I recorded this last night, and I'm sure any romantics out there will like it. Guys-good thing to play for your girl! Click here!

Now then, I have put up some categories here for you to visit depending on your desires.

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