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The MacCorkle Bifurcate Tradition of Ohio
Annotated Microwear Bibliography
Microwear Analysis at Dust Cave (1LU496)
My research on microwear formation on stone tools
An Archaeological Lithic Analysis of The Frank Site
My Autobiography
Curriculum Vitae
Stone Technology My items on eBay
Stone Tool Technology WebRing Home Page
My investigation into The Upper Mercer Chert Quarries
My investigation into The Plum Run Chert Quarries Go to Netutopia
Michael's Atlatl Page
Archaeology Toons
Jazzy - My collection of awesome Jazz Midi files
Michael's Webring Page

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Links to other archaeology and stone technology sites

SARC - Stone Age Reference Collection
Knappers Anonymous
Lithics Net: a great guide to North American Projectile Points
"the lithics site" - a resource for archaeological lithic analysts

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