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This page is all about my favorite duck, Darkwing, in case you hadn't already figured this out. Click on the underlined links, and let me show you my page!

You are the person subjected to the madness.

What's New? I think this is pretty self explanatory!

My Fan Fiction This part of the page is always having new stuff added. All of the stories contain Darkwing SOMEWHERE in them.

THE Club! I am President of something! Click here to meet the DWFCSHS!

German Darkwing Learn about and hear Darkwing Duck in Germany.

Some Page's Do Have 'Em Read about the creators of this LOVELY site!

Can you say vigilante? If you have come to this page just cause I told you to, or you hate Darkwing, before you leave in disgust, please read this!

Links Here are my favorite sites on the web.

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My Award! I'm so proud of me!

I'm a member of the Darkwing Duck Fan Club!

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