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Welcome to the World of Avash and Plarge

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Sunday, 3 October, 100PA.
Finally, Plarge and I have finished loading up his old Big Boss ATV and are ready to set off to Master Tribane's new home. The letter and map I received upon arriving at the former mayor's old house indicates that he has fled in the wake of the latest rumours.
For many years the coalition has been after the head of a major spy ring that they believed to operate from the city Nubeena. They found the city's mayor - my Master - to be very helpful in finding many small time spies and scum of Nubeena, but had never come across anyone who knew more than just rumors about the legendary Nubeena Spy Ring. Little did they know that the very man who seemed so helpful and generous was the proverbial, thorn in their side, that they wished to destroy.
Unfortunately the years eventually caught up with Mayor Tribane. Now he seeks to leave society behind and using the latest wave of Coalition propaganda he has justified his hermitdom to himself in place of admitting the loss of his faculties.

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