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Updated: January 29, 2006

Hi my name is Beverly Christine Barnes, and this is my home on the Web. I'm not a computer sorceress but I am beginning to get the hang of this html stuff. I do promise to constantly update this page so I hope you will visit often.

My purpose for this web-site is to express my true feminine self that I am prohibited from expressing in most of society. Yes, this is another one of those TG sites, so, if you are offended by someone who is different and only trying to enjoy their life, then please leave. I can bore you with several pages of text about myself, which has been more a cathartic exercise for me as I share with you who I am, how I got here, and where I'm going. I've posted some pictures of myself and a link or two to those people and places that have helped me get to this point in my life.

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This home page is lovingly dedicated to Tiffany and Ren´┐Że, two of the most wonderful girls I have ever met and who I can honestly say have done more for me in the short time that I have been blessed to know them than anyone else in my life.

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You can fe-mail me at beverlyb@hotmail.com

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