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           Hello everyone. Welcome to my humble abode. Like many people I am obsessed with the epic movie Titanic. I have seen the movie 10 times already. A movie has never really effected me for so long afterward. I am also a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's work. My first Leo movie was The Basketball Diaries, but I wasn't really smitten until Romeo and Juliet (exact moment: The fish tank scene when he raises his eyebrows).  I have seen all of Leo's movies, and  most of Kate's. These two actors possess such great talent I just watch in awe. They bring such emotion to every role; it's spectacular! I have collected and recorded almost everything on these two. Many have called me obsessed. I know that I am not the only one. Many of you have
 obsessed over this spectacular movie, and its charismatic stars. That was my reason for creating this site. I know there are a bunch of people who didn't just like Titanic, THEY LOVED IT! I wanted a place  where people can feel comfortable with their obsession. See:


    Here's a place were you can share your feelings, and find out about others who are "Katatonic" or have the same "Titanitis" or "Leoitis" as you. Another thing I noticed at other sites was that there was the SAME pictures everywhere. I am doing the best I can to have some of the more rare pictures and movie clips.

Please visit my guestbook to submit your wierd obsessions, and to hear others.


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