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<sorry the main picture looks so bad, is there anyone that can help make it look better but have it download quickly?>


~~~Last Updated 2000.8.29~~~

I updated even more members but still have more to go..... ^^;


CHIKUSHO! My e-mail is being a REAL pain! I lost many many many new members because of my stupid e-mail!!!! I apologize profusely!! *bows* Gomen nasai minna-san!!!! All the e-mails have been DELETED except from members that joined in early July. I am SO sorry but could you please re-apply? THANK YOU!!



Minna-san, I need help keeping this club alive! I just don't have the time to do everything anymore. PLEASE if ANYONE can help me update this club (check the e-mails and send me a list of new members, see what links are broken, can create images, has fan art/fan fics, can update a specific webpage <like my picture gallery, music gallery or members pages> for me - more details when e-mailed), please please e-mail me!!! I don't want this fan club to die but I can no longer do it all myself.
Thank you all!

-Sailor StarLight


In Memory of Niyama Shiho!!!!!
Many thanks to Linda for the wonderful memorial picture!



Shiho-san was the seiyuu for Seiya Kou/Sailorstarfighter in the Sailormoon Sailor Stars TV series who passed away at age 29 from Kyuusei Hakketsu Byou (a form of leukemia). My condolences to all!! ;_;

If anyone has memorial pages, please e-mail me the links!

*~*information taken from the SOS: Save Our Sailors homepage *~*

I'm very sorry about not updating. ;_; Please forgive me. It's just much harder to find the time. I hope you all understand. I will update so you don't need to join the club again. Oh, and if you see you've joined up twice under two different names or something, please do e-mail me so I can take off one of your names. Thanks again.


There have been

people who respect Seiya and Usagi


If anyone has any questions or just wants to talk to me, you can IM (Instant Messanger by AOL) me at LoveSeiya (Do not e-mail me there! I don't have AOL, just AOL Instant Messanger)

And I also have ICQ. My number is 14287096

MoonieCode (1.12.05)

SM:7 F:sSe+++Mo+:vKu:aKa:p*2 D:Ch-Tx- X:*****[*]:a[SS]*2|ClRR1R2[S][SS]*1s|ClRd:m12|r52s O:d-:s+!:a-:h:x P:a+:s56:w-:f+:eLBr:hBrR+[+]:t-[-]:cWh:*Le:x83.4%:r+|--

Moonie Code

I support Seiya & Usagi! 

This club was established on 4/20/98 and is to me, Sailor StarLight ^_^

To my knowledge it is the only Seiya and Usagi fan club on the net and I hope it stays that way. If it doesn't, this'll just become the "official" Seiya and Usagi fan club. ^_^

Sailor Moon is owned by Takeuchi Naoko, Toei Animation and all other associated Sailor Moon companies.

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