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Hi! I'm glad you came to this second index instead of jumping directly to the fan fiction or the links pages.

As you must've already found out I am one of the hundreds of Trunks' fans that out there... :) "I am unique just like everybody else."

Yes! I have reached the depths of fanatism and now I am even writing fan fiction! But well, you might just end up reading it, and let me tell you how my fanatism started:
1. I started watching Dragon Ball, the anime series.
2. I found out Trunks existed.
3. I started recording Dragon Ball Z, the anime series.
4. I ran researchs on Dragon Ball Z, and found lots of places.
5. I found out about fan fictions.
6. I started reading fan fictions.
8. I started buying the manga from Viz, soon to buy the japanese manga.
7. After a while of reading fan fictions I started wanting to write my OWN fan fictions.
8. Now I am what I am... :)
So you might as well end up being a fan if you're not one already.

Well, you must be dead bored by now, with all that babbling of mine, so you might want to take a look to the other pages:
The Fan Fiction page,
The Links page.
Yes! I know I've posted those links three times now, but bear with me.

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