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5/12/09: Well that's it. Geocities is finally shuffling loose the web coil "sometime later this year". I'll certainly keep the site backed up, but as far as transferring it, don't count on it. This old run down site will always hold a special place in my heart. And who knows? Maybe someday I'll craft a new version. For now, my supposed career eats up most of my time. That and trying to make SoM and SD3 run on my R4. Take care, whoever may still be hanging around. Email still works, so drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.

(bah, missed the 10 year anniversary)

12/30/05: I am honestly surprised there is still support for this site. Even though it is extremely outdated in terms of design and content organization, the hits still roll in, and I'm still receiving some fan mail. I appreciate the kind words, and I have no intent to ever let go of this website as it was where my interest in web design was cultivated. I really don't have much else to offer for the site, and I often enjoy the nostalgia of this little creation - a time when websites didn't have to be laced with flash and javascript to be considered professional. I've since started doing web design as a side job, and as such, I don't have much desire to maintain a site just for fun. Anyway, I felt it necessary to provide some sort of words given the support for this site. My non-business email is - it may be posted elsewhere here, but just in case, that is where contact can be made. Until the next pointless textual update...
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