TaleSpin Video Games

TaleSpin Video Games

[The Iron Vulture]

These are images I took from TaleSpin video games for
the old Turbo Graphix-16 and Sega Genesis consoles.

[Dumptruck] [Maddog] [Gibber] [Don Karnage] [Baloo] [Kit]

[Baloo standing] [Baloo running] [Baloo jumping] [Baloo waiting] [Kit standing] [Kit running] [Kit jumping] [Kit on his airfoil]

[The Sea Duck]

[Louie's Place]

[TaleSpin logo (Turbo Graphix-16)] [TaleSpin logo (Sega Genesis)]

[Don Karnage logo] [Shere Khan logo] [Baloo & Kit logo]

[Don Karnage (Sega Genesis)]

[Baloo] [Baloo walking] [Baloo waiting] [Kit waiting] [Kit walking] [Kit jumping]

[Higher for Hire]

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