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A TaleSpin page by Aviatrix

A little webpage devoted to one of my favourite cartoons... You can find all of my TaleSpin-related stuff here. 8:-)<


"It is me and my glorious self, Don Karnage!"
A shrine dedicated to one of my all-time favourite characters, the dashing and daring Don Karnage.

Wiley Pole's Trading Post
Remember the TaleSpin sticker book by Panini? Interested in trading stickers? Then enter Wiley Pole's trading post!

Fan Works:


Karnage Gallery
My artwork, dedicated to the dread pirate himself.

TaleSpin Artwork
Here, you can check out a few examples of my TaleSpin-related art.

Written Works:

Fun Stuff

TaleSpin Outtakes
Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at TaleSpin, the stuff that's cut out? Now, you can find out!

Top 10+ List
Featuring the 12 Most Painful Things to Do in Cape Susette!

To see some of my other written works, check out the Hangar.


The Sky's the Limit (Preview)
Just a little something I'm working on...


TaleSpin: The Canadian Connection
This is an article I wrote on TaleSpin episodes as shown in Canada, the French-Canadian version, and other things.


TaleSpin Video Games
On this page, you can find the images I've taken from old TaleSpin video games for various consoles.

TaleSpin Windows Logos
If you have Windows, download my TaleSpin startup/shutdown screens here!

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