Splatter Moon
Splatter Moon: The ultimate Sailor Moon/Darkwing Duck crossover!

Okay, perhaps I'm exaggerating a little... ;-)

This started out as an in-joke between a couple of my 'Net aquaintances involving my friend (and good sport) Geary Graham, but I decided it to take it a little further... So now, it's a part of my page! :-)

So, enter the world of Splatter Moon... And prepare to be incredibly confused. ;-)

She is the one named... Splatter Moon!

By that brilliant 'Net artist, Lar deSousa, who was the first to come up with the idea. :-)

Splatter Moon and the Sailor Ducks

By... Me! Featuring the Darkwing Duck villainesses (plus one of my own) as the Sailor Scouts... Er, Ducks. ;-) From left to right: Princess Diamond, Splatter Phoenix, Chameleon, The Bugmaster and Flygirl.

And now, I present to you...

Splatter Moon R - The Fanfic!

This is a parody of the Negamoon arc of the Sailor Moon series, which not only features Darkwing characters but also my 'Net friends, a few of my own characters, other Disney Afternoon ones, and a couple of anime ones. Oh, and I'm in it, too. ;-) This story involves a lot of in-jokes and jabs at anime (you have been warned!). (BTW, since I released this around Valentine's Day, and it is a parody of Sailor Moon Romance, I consider it a bit of a Valentine's special. ;-)

Below is a bit of art inspired by the story:

Joules & Vern - In their Splatter Moon R roles as Emerald and Sapphire, respectively. Joules and Vern are a couple of characters I've created. :-)
Diamond - The Splatter Moon R incarnation of the Negamoon leader.
Negamoon Trio - A cut and paste image of Diamond, Joules and Vern from the images above.
Senots - In his costume for Splatter Moon R. What a drag! ;-)

And for those of you not familliar with Sailor Moon, check out the images below before reading the fanfic; it may help (but not much ;-)

The Black Moon Family - This is a picture of the original Negamoon Family I found on the 'Net (it is known as the Black Moon Family in Japanese.)
Four Sisters - A screen grab of the Four Sisters, from the original Sailor Moon series.
Attack! - Another Sailor Moon screen grab, which is the inspiration behind Entropy's special attack. ;-) Hee hee!
Prince Diamond - Lounging upon his throne. *drool* ;-) Yet another screen grab...

Want to find out more about Sailor Moon? Check out my own Sailor Moon page! :-)

Or, check out some of my anime artwork!

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