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The Runway

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If you know of any links that aren't up here, e-mail me at I like to keep my maps up to date. 8;-)<

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General Sites

A great new TaleSpin website, featuring sounds, images and videos.

Pirate Island

The homepage of Scarlet Karnage. Artwork, fanfic, and more! Now also features multimedia, such as images and sounds, as well as pictures of TS mechandise.

TaleSpin Collectables

In addition to images of TaleSpin merchandise, this page also features comic book scans and episode reviews, just to name a few things... Hasn't been updated in a long time, though.

The TaleSpin Sourcepage

Lots of info about the world of TaleSpin.

Image Galleries

The Iron Vulture

Screen grabs, comic book scans, artwork and more! Lots of Karnage stuff. ;-)

Dave Stone's TaleSpin Page *Dead Link*

Many screen grabs can be found here.

TaleSpin FTP Archive *Dead Link*

Another source for images.

TaleSpin Picture Gallery

Contains some original concept art for the show, as well as storybook scans.


The Iron Vulture

Lots of Karnie wavs can be found here.

Character Shrines

The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage

A page dedicated to the navigator himself!

Don Karnage: Mystery and Intrigue

Beth's new webpage, all about Don Karnage. :-)

K & K Forever

A webpage devoted to both Don Karnage and Kit Cloudkicker.

Baloo Lagoon

This webpage is dedicated to the relationship between Baloo and Rebecca Cunningham.

Fan Pages

Baloo9's Homepage

The information on this page concentrates on the voice actors and producers of TaleSpin.

Cape Susette *New Link*

Information and fanart. While you're there, go visit the Bloody Cutlass!

The Higher for Hire Hangar *Dead Link*

A very special webpage by a very special fan. ;-)

TaleSpin: The Webpage

Another small fan page with some info on the show.

Fan Fiction

High Flight

The site of an ongoing TaleSpin fanfic series.

TaleSpin Fanfic Central

An archive for TaleSpin fan fiction.

Their Fearful Symmetry *New Link*

How could I not add a link to this? This is perhaps the best TaleSpin (or, dare I say Disney Afternoon?) fanfic ever. 8:-)<

The TaleSpin Poet's *Dead Link*

By Mark H., this page features his beautiful TaleSpin poetry.

Fan Art

Katarina's Page 'O Wenches and Stuff

Featuring Katarina's anthropomorphic animal art (also known as "furries"). Now includes the Talespin Art Resource Page, featuring model sheets and colour keys!

Take a Creative Spin

By Lys, this webpage features her artwork, some of which is inspired by TaleSpin.

Julie's Realm *New Link*

Bryn's new webpage, containing her art and fan fiction.

Clear Skies *New Link*

A brand-new webpage featuring Wilson's gorgeous furry and Talespin-related artwork.


Tale Spin & Tale Spin: High Flight Comment Board

Here, you can discuss about TaleSpin with other fans.

The TaleSpin Petition I

Make it known that you want TaleSpin back!

The TaleSpin Petition II

Yep, there's another one. Not quite sure why... But I suppose the show needs all the support it can get. 8:-)<


Aces of the Cape *New Link*

The webpage of the unofficial TaleSpin fan club.

Don Karnage's Air Pirates Club

A Yahoo club dedicated to Don Karnage.

Disney Afternoon pages

DAFT Archive

The archive for the Disney Afternoon File Time mailing list. Check out what's new!

Toon Disney: TaleSpin *New Link*

The official page of the new channel devoted to the cartoons of the old Disney Afternoon.

The Center for Volatile Creative Types

Featuring fan stuff inspired by the Disney Afternoon.

Jim Cummings *New Link*

Not really a Disney Afternoon page, but Jim Cummings did voice many of the DA characters, such as Darkwing Duck and of course, Don Karnage!

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