The Karnage Gallery
The Karnage Gallery

Untitled Sketch
Karnage in yet another new outfit, inspired by Soul Calibur II's fencer, Raphael. Colour.

A New Look
Karnage in an elaborate new costume. (Seen above) Coloured on Paint Shop Pro; background done in Photoshop.

Young Karnage
Not really that young-looking... He just has on an outfit I'd think he'd wear in his younger pirate days. :-)

Take a Bow!
Karnage bowing mockingly. Pose copied from a picture of Vega, from "Street Fighter".

Space Captain Karnage
A new look for a new age... Inspired by Space Captain Harlock. Colour.

Karnage as a Human
And as good-looking as ever, yes-no? Colour.

Captain Karnage... Of the Guard?
Karnage in medieval clothing. Now coloured!

Tatewaki Karnage
It's the Blue Thunder of Cape Susette High! (Sorry, you'll only get this if you know "Ranma 1/2" *^_^*...) B&W.

Scourge of the Skies
My insignia, a la WWII bomber planes. (Uh, you have seen what the insignias on WWII bomber planes look like, hmmm...? In other words, PG rating!) Colour.

Karnage's Gambit
Don Karnage as Gambit from "X-men". Done in colour pencil crayon.

The Pirate King
Featuring... Who else? Don's costume is inspired by the movie version of "Pirates of Penzance". Another pencil crayon.

Don and myself dancing the 'Tango Romantica'.

King and Queen of Swords
Don Karnage as the King of Swords and a mysterious lady fox as the Queen. Based on the Morgan-Greer tarot cards.

All artwork on this page are by the Aviatrix and may not be reproduced without permission. (If you do, I'll get Karnie to do something horrible to you with a toothbrush and some string. 8;-)<

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