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This is me

This is my new friend Ryan, he is a nice Italian boy! I think he kinda looks a little like Freddie Prinze Jr, but that might be just me.. he is such a goof ball!

Down below is a picture of my boy Markeith. He is in the United States Marine Corps

Click on the picture above and you can visit my Creed Tribute page

This is Ric, he is the lead guitar player in the band Oleander! I met him in Cleveland when I went to the creed concert with my friend Laura. Then I met him again when I saw Creed play in St. Louis. This is one of the many pictures that I have of Ric and I! You have got to check out Oleander's website at www.oleander.net They are fantastic!

this is a picture of my friends and I hanging out with Ric and Doug from Oleander. From left to right there is my friend Jeff, then Ric( lead guitar) I am in the middle next to Ric and Doug ( the bass player) and then My roommate, the coolest girl in the world, Marie! I loved being sandwiched in between the Oleander Men! Too bad Thomas isn't included. We tried!

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