Hi. I think you know who I am. If you don't, well, you'll get to find out someday. Anyway, I'm here as a personal favour to this land's creator to get you through THE MONASTERY'S LAND OF WEBRINGS and THE PERVERSION OF ICONS to THE HERETIC'S MONASTERY. I must warn you that some of you won't make it, and will find yourselves lost in the webrings that inhabit THE VALLEY: home to HIS Gothique webrings and THE BIG BLUE: home of HIS Anime webrings. Lastly, we will make it to THE GATES, where the other webrings roam. Then, we will venture through THE PERVERSION OF ICONS--kinda like bumperstickers for your homepage. Only those with supreme will-power will find their way to THE HERETIC'S MONASTERY without straying into a webring or two. If you do get tangled in the rings, just use that useful "Back" button to get...well, back. So, without further ado, just click on me, and we will enter.

PSSSSST!!! If you don't want the temptation of the Rings, or have seen this all before, then you can just click here.

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