The Falcon's Nest

For you have entered the nest of The Falcon!Welcome one and all,There is alot to look at here so get a soda,beer and relax and take a look at all I have to offer.If you have and comments or would like to see something else here,You can email me at the bottom of the page.

My nest is located in Kansas City. I share it with my soulmate THE WIZARD and our two chick's.I like to watch football only my team though,Hunt,Spend time with the wife and our kids,and play on the net.
Gotta give my Bro a shout out too!!!!!! War Nerve a.k.a. Joe, he's 17 ladies & single, hehehehe He will want to kick my ass for that one, but hey what are brothers for! Right?

And to all my freind's in ICP HEY!! This chatroom is the best. I've meet some great people there,like Jan, Thumper, Morgaine, Anon, Itsmine, Vegas, BobbyK, Paudge, Sandman, And the wildest for last Nav. You all are my freinds.

And to Harley,You know your my girl! *WEG*

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My little chick!
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The son I'll never know!
Here..wanna see me naked?

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