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Due to real life there are no future plans for this site to be updated. Hopefully it will remain here for future reference from other JLH, Party of Five and Dawsons Creek fans. I wish you all the very best and thanks for your support over the years. Thank you also Geocities for such a great free service!

And as my final post...i would like to dedicate this site in memory of my beloved dog, whom on this date passed away during surgery to remove a cancer from his will be in our hearts forever and never ever forgotten!
We love you!

29th January 2001!
Welcome to 2001! Hope it turns out to be a great year for you all. If you need to contact us please do so via the message board as our email address's are constantly spammed with junk mail -just leave a brief msg there with your email address and we will get back to you (use private post if you wish). Sifting through 500 messages last month i found a lousy 10 messages from people not trying to sell stuff ;) Thank you for your continued support.

17th October
Currently looking for more photos to add to our gallery section for both Jennifer and Katie. Not to sure how things in the US are going but here in OZ, both Party Of Five and Dawsons Creek seasons are finished - hopefully to return soon! In my world i am planning a trip to the US next year, it would be a dream to visit the area that Dawsons Creek is shot...anyone reading this ever been there ? anyone ever met Katie Holmes ? No frauds please, but if you have dont either please leave a post on our messageboard inc your email address (i check the msg board regularly and if you wish i will remove your post if requested)...we need some news, maybe it will be YOU ;)

10th September
Party of five has just started up again in Australia and Dawsons creek has just stopped...oh well, can't have everything. At the movies however, u must see scary movie! they even mention "Jennifer Love Bigt*ts" (from the movie) ;) If you have to contact me, please do so via the messageboard, as my email address advertised on this page is constantly spammed by junk mail...due to cheap business's scanning the internet for email address's in a hope to find a customer or two. Sorry for the lack of updates, work work work....

5th May
If you haven't seen the movie, Gladiator, then...GO AND SEE IT! Probably one of the best, if not the best movie i have ever seen...very moving as well, not just lots of violence ;)

20th January
Well it looks like the world didn't blow up or get eaten up by the millenium bug, so i now can say that i hope you had all had a great new year and santa was kind enough to bring you everything you wanted and more ;). Not much new has been happening around here as most of the TV-shows haven't started screening yet, so in the mean time, sign our guestbook and let us know what you would like to see more of from AC in the year 2000 and beyond!

19 December
I managed to see the movie "Brokedown Palace" a couple of weeks ago and have to was an extremely good movie -very touching, & Claire Danes, you kick butt ;) The new year is approaching rapidly and Christmas is just around the corner. I am currently on holidays but even so have made time to add a few more links to our links section including a very nice page titled Star Pulse which i recommend you check out -after you have a nice long browse around ACove though ;) Well thats it from me until 2000, so take care and HAVE FUN!

24 November
Just watched the new Romeo and Juliet and the 1968 version (both again) yesterday, and i've got to! I never really appreciated these movies as i do now, they were really comething else ;) If you have an opinion, feel free to express it on our guestbook. By the way, notice the new music ;) ?

23 November
The new millennium is approaching, so what better time for a new look. I have now spent hours changing the look and adding new sections, so i hope you like it! Please take the time to post a message on our guestbook. As we are growing rapidly we would like to take the time to undergo recipricol linkings with anyone owning a webpage, so if you are interested, let us know. I caught word that the new series of Dawsons Creek is in production. I dont want to spoil it for you so i'll just say that Dawson *may* get "lucky" in one of the upcoming episodes...we'll just have to wait and see :)

7 November
Well, looks like us Australians are going to remain a Monarchy for at least a few more years. With the vote for a politicians republic failing yesterday :( In more local news though, we are proud to announce the opening of a new AC guestbook so hopefully everyone will take advantage of this and start signing it already. Also this site is going through another face lift, so keep your eyes peeled.

16 August
Well the teen awards were on last night and JLH took away two awards including best 'sweetie'. Thanks Jake. I am currently in the middle of my trial exams which are quite important, so sorry for the lack of updates recently. New links have been added in the 'links' section as well as a few other bits here and there.

13 May
Just been speaking with a very helpful person named Taffie who has pointed out a Free Email site which allows you to send off Emails and Ecards and at the same time they donate money to helping save endangered species. Head on over to care-mail.

14 April
I just arrived home from a week holiday in sunny Sydney (cough, no really) and managed to catch a few movies while i was there. The first, 'Cruel Intentions' was very amusing, quite a few laughs in this movie -although some are a little rude (not that i have any problems with this) :) The second movie i caught, and only other movie worth mentioning is 'The Matrix' which i really enjoyed. I personally think there should have been a little more fighting done by Reeves, but apart from that, very good movie!

5 April
Ok, as we no longer cover the subjects 'Armageddon' or 'Roar' we have added a link at the top of this page to sites which do. We hope that you had a very Happy Easter and that you didn't put on too much weight from eating lots of 'chocies' :)

31 March
Hehehe, i thought that the following joke from the joke homepage was quite funny.
A brunette, a redhead, and a blonde were robbing a supermarket when a police officer walked in the store. The three women decide to hide in three potato sacks.
The cop kicks the first bag, and the brunette says, "meow". The cop says, "oh, its only a cat" .
He kicks the second bag, and the redhead says, "woof, woof". The cop says, "its only a dog".
He kicks the third bag, and the blonde says, "potato" .

25th March
Dawson (James V) appeared on the Australian TV show, 'The Panel' last night, and had a few interesting things to say. He says his next film after Varsity Blues (not sure on the spelling) will be a western titled 'Texas Rangers', he also made quite a few comments on the happenings of Dawsons Creek and made a comment about the 'Oscars being a little boring'.

17th March
Be sure to catch 'Disturbing Behaviour' at your nerest cinema. It sounds like a decent movie and considering Katie Holmes is taking on the main role, it should be great :) The next item is a little Off Topic but to all those Australian RPG fans out there, head over and sign this petition to help get a Ultima Online server in Australia. Dont forget every name counts so even if you dont live in Australia please sign the petition to help us out. Thanks

9th March
If you happen to have the theme song for Dawsons Creek in any format can you please give us an email. The last episode of DC in Australia is the episode where Dawson and Jen brake up...get him Joey :) & the Party Of Five episode involves Claudia and Owen been taken away from home by the welfare group.

14th February
I managed to sit down and catch the movie Braveheart, which i saw partly before many years ago, and have to say it would have to be one of my favourite movies of all time. Notice the change in midis on this page :)

10th February
Please take the time to vote in the poll above, as we would really like to know what you subject is the most popular at AC. If you have any news to do with topics related to this site, please send it to us. We will give you credit for your submission if we use the news on our site.

9th February
New subjects and yet another face lift, this site is going through some exciting times at the moment. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to receiving more feedback from you in the upcoming year.

8th February
We are now in the process of removing Armageddon, Roar and Titanic related material and making way for Dawsons Creek. Our site shall also be undergoing a another reconstruction so stay tuned.

4th February
The poll results tell us that a large percentage of people visit this site to find Jennifer related material, followed by Party Of Five with hardly anyone visiting for Roar, Armageddon or Titanic. We are considering scrapping the 3 low polling subjects and adding Dawsons Creek and Katie Holmes to be along-side Party Of Five and Jennifer. View the final poll results

1st February
For all you gaming enthusiasts out there, the upcoming Resident Evil movie, due out sometime in the year 2000, will be starring Jennifer Hewitt.

28th January
Here in Australia we can now catch the two greatest shows on the same night! Tuesday nights at 7.30 we see Party Of Five, which is then followed by Dawsons Creek -what a line up.

24th January
Just some quick facts on the lovely Katie Holmes;
Place of Birth: Toledo, OH
Birth Date: December 18th, 1978
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'8
Looks: Beautiful :)

And guess what here favourite shows are, the awesome Party Of Five and the great ER -she has good taste aswell! She even likes Jelly Bellies, god i loved those ice blocks :)

18th January
Well Jennifer did reply to a couple of emails that were sent into to her, personally we think it was a little disappointing that quite a bit of fuss was made about it all & out of the thousands of posts sent it only a few selected ones were chosen. The letters answered weren't anything special either. View them here

17th January
I actually heard a rumour that a sequel to 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' may be being considered. I cant confirm anything as of yet, but who knows, 'I Still Still Know What You Did Last Summer' may be out sooner than we think :)

3rd January
Well, i have had a few requests for more pictures of Jennifer to be added. So i have added some. Check the pictures section for some new, very nice pictures of Jennifer Hewitt.

1st January
Well every by now would probably have sent an email to this address trying to get in contact with Jennifer. I remember when this address used to work and believe that the workers at the Party Of Five set actually received the email sent there -whether they read it is a different matter. The address is this, but i doubt it works anymore.

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