After the Cube has completely loaded, move the mouse over the cube and watch it react. You can change it's direction.

If you want to see a closeup of a picture, place the mouse on the picture and "CLICK ONLY ONCE". It will bring the picture in for a closeup.

To start the action of the cube again, "CLICK ONCE", on the same picture.

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Hi I'm Faye Smith

Threw Cyberland I will try to introduce you to my family and friends.

My husband, Jim, and I have 3 children.

Michelle Brooke Smith, (Chel), who is 11.

Breanna Leila Sarah Smith, (Bre), who is 7.

Jimmie Coy Smith III, (J), who is almost 4.

Hello, Please wait just a few minutes until the pictures load, it is really neat!!!!

The pictures will change, so keep watching!

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Surplus Auction - Where You Set the Price!

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