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Welcome to my horse page! First of all my horse head board! Click on ANY head and then you'll go to a cool horse site, made by me, a friend or a just plain neat horse site you should see! Here we go:

Did you like my horse head board? Here's a pic I really like, but it's not me! I wish it were though!

I have a horse quiz, it's true or false. Just click down on the answer you think is right and check at the bottom of this page.
1.If your horse chews the bit its a major problem.
2.Ponies are baby horses OR under 14.2hh.
3. I ride the best pony named Precious.
4. Three parts of the hooves are the bar, sole and the frog.
5. If your horse has colic it will never jump again if used for english riding.
What you rank at:
1 right. You better hit the books, big time.
2 right. You need to brush up.... a lot.
3 right. Well done, but you need to know a bit more!
4 right. Awesome, just read a book and you'll know! (Unless it was the answer to question 3 you got wrong. She is the best!)
5 right. You really know your stuff! Way to go!
Here's a fun scramble to do. Fill in the answers in the boxes beside them.
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Those two images are from Nick Beitners Images

See ya'll soon! Hope you had fun at my page.

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