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Last updated: May 12, 2001


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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We may have moved away from this beautiful little Island, but it still holds many special memories for us. Our sincere thoughts go out to all our friends and family that are still in the Maritimes.

Hello all...We would like to welcome you to our homepage. We hope you enjoy your visit to our little space on the web. We have tried to put together a page that is of interest not only to our family and friends, but to all the new people out there that stop by to visit.

Our son got me started on NEOPETS!!! I love it...this site is really tons of fun for children and us big kids too!!

Spring is in the air and I am really looking forward to some time outdoors and warmth...I found the winter here LONG this year!! Spring and autumn are my two favorite seasons. Here in Winnipeg spring comes in so day snow and then it seems as if it is spring instantly...everything starts getting greener and changing. them.

Wide World of Faith Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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(my father is the pastor).

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Okay, okay...I know this is twelve and a half years ago,
but this is our baby...(when he was a real sweetie pie!!!)

Our son, is majorly into roleplaying games on Sega and NES and now Sony PlayStation. He is attending St. John's High School.He is now in Grade IX. Ryan spends most of his time writing and drawing, and then of course is on the computer quite a bit. He is in the process of totally rebuilding his webpage(it should be back up quite soon!) that pretty well focuses on the many PlayStation games he owns or is dreaming of owning soon!!

The Simmons and Reid Family Photo Album
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I am a medical transcriptionist/secretary. I am employed at CancerCare Manitoba. I am finding it very challenging. I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. I work in the Radiation Oncology Department. There is a lot for me to learn as I am working for not only the Rad/Onc Department, but also for the Rad/Onc Residency Program and MSA (Medical Staff Association). The main part of my job is being there for the Residency Program. This is a job I feel I can grow in and hope to be at for a very long time. This position is the type of job I have hoped to find for a very long time. I enjoy being involved in activities at work. I am on the Pep Committee (unfortunately I have missed several meetings lately!!!) and I am Chairperson for the United Way Campaign we hold every year. We have just moved into our new facility and even though there are still a lot of growing pains I am pretty happy with having the move over.

I have just recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and so I am trying to learn exactly what that means and how it will affect my life. So far the neurologist has not been able to tell me a lot about where I stand, but MS does not always progress to a dehabilitating state and I am holding out hope that there will be no major progression. My family has been fantastic for support and understanding. I am so thankful for my close friends and family...this year has been full of a lot of curve balls for me.

I am on the computer alot surfin' or working on our homepages, and more often than not I am working on other people's homepages for them. I am gabbing on ICQ gabbing fairly often.
On Icq my nickname is meowzer.
If you see me there... make sure to say hi!

My Icq # is 5328728
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Met them both through mIRC three years ago, and now still yakking on ICQ!!
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My Very own Personal Award from my Son!!!

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