CANADA WEST refers to the period before 1867 (the year Canada became a nation). The current Province of Ontario was referred to as CANADA WEST (or C.W.) These two bottles are two of three that are known from G.S.ROSS. George Stephen Ross operated between 1850 and 1863 in Toronto. He was an innkeeper and tavern keeper on King Street East.


Very few torpedo bottles were embossed with the Canada West reference letters of C.W. Those that were are highly sought by collectors. Most Canada West era torpedo bottles are NOT embossed C.W.

Most Canadian torpedo bottles are a normal shade of aqua. These two bottles are a much more deeply coloured bluish aqua in colour, adding to their desirability (and value).

  Torpedo bottles usually held a DOUBLE CARBONATED or EXTRA CARBONATED style of soda water. Hence the shape for extra bottle strength and stability.

  There are less than 50 different known Canadian torpedo bottles. They are one of the SCARCEST of Canadian soda water bottle shapes.
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