This bottle was found in Nova Scotia Canada and it is BELIEVED to be from a Nova Scotia Manufacturer.  The bottle is DEFINITELY English made but is it an English or a Canadian bottle???  PLEASE HELP!!!
This bottle is about 12" tall and looks to be a quart in capacity.  It is embossed with  SCHWEPPES IMPERIAL inside a Crown emblem.  Is this a bottle from the famous SCHWEPPES soda water manufacturer?  What did it hold.?  Please help me out with this strange fellow!!!
This emerald green bottle is embossed L.A. STONE SODA WATER and belongs to MIKE. It was found while scuba diving near Sacramento, California. It is obviously of American manufacture, probably from an East Coast glasshouse.  This is the only known whole bottle; the two others that are known are badly damaged. Can you help him out with any information about this bottle ?  Please let me know if you can and I'll pass your info along to him.  THANKS FOR HELPING!!
I also tumble clean bottles.  The FRY to the left is "before" tumbling; the "below" FRY photo is "after" tumbling.  I only charge $20 per bottle for tumbling so please do contact me if you have any bottles you want professionally cleaned.
MIKE also found this soda in the Sacremento River.  It is embossed with HUNTER & BARTON/HONG KONG/SUPERIOR/SODA WATER.  It looks to be from the pre-1860's or earleir with the crude rolled lip. Can anyone help out with this one???
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