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Pocopson Station, Pocopson, PA
Pocopson Station (now a private veterinary hospital). The trail closely follows this railroad between Lenape and Chadd's Ford, PA.

The Railroad Beside The Trail
A short-line railroad which is never far from the trail.

Operated today by a subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel.

From Lenape, Pennsylvania, to Wilmington, Delaware, the trail is never far from the tracks of the Brandywine Valley Railroad, a freight-hauling railroad which serves a few mills and other industrial customers along its line. North of Lenape, the railroad diverges to the north-west while the trail stays on a northerly course.

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A press release from Bethintermodal, the parent company of The Brandywine Valley Railroad.
A few summers ago, this company permitted some railroad enthusiasts to operate passenger excursions over its tracks.

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