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Useful Links:

Good source of information on Chester Valley Trail and Struble Trail: here is a great web site for people, who are interested in converting abandoned railroad right-of-ways to trails , to connect trails throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Horseshoe Trail from the point of view of hikers.

history of paper milling in Rockland, Delaware

Chadds Ford Historical Society

Chester County Bike Routes

Chester County Preserved Open Spaces

West Fairfax Trail, another of my web pages

A look at the future of trails in Chester County along with future wildlife corridors, open space, agricultural land, and abandoned railroads, which might or might not be converted to trails.

West Vincent Township Land Trust (in Pennsylvania's Chester County, including the northern-most mile or two of this trail.)

Pennsbury Land Trust (in Pennsylvania's Chester County, including the area around Chadd's Ford)



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