The School
The Jesuit Fathers' School.

Certainly among the best in El Minia, this co-ed school has Kindergarten, Primary and Preparatory levels, with about 900 students in all.

The Youth House.

Built about 22 years ago, The building has a theatre, a library, sleeping quarters, the Association's offices, study rooms, workshops, clubs, kindergarten facilities and the mentally handicapped class.

The Youth House

The Garden
Garden View.

This shows about half the green area of the Residence Complex, the rest being playing fields to the Left and 'behind the Camera'.   The Youth House is visible at the Center of the picture.   To the right is a narow street with the neighbours' houses.   Faintly visible at the very end is the Cliff-line on the far (East) side of the Nile River which here runs quite close to the Eastern edge of the Valley.

Garden Path.

Path leading from the Main Residence to the Youth House.

Foot path

Date Palms
Ripening Dates.

A common enough scene in Egypt.   There is no plot of usable green land, no matter how small, that does not possess a Date-Palm tree.   The Date-Palm is really a beautiful tree, apart from the fact that every single part of it is usable.

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