The Jesuit Community in Minia

Community Photo

Frs. Fenech, Van Ruijven, Seif-Aziz, Mizzi, Faure
Br. Soubhi (in front) and Novice Michel ( photo: Oct. 2000 )

    Our community is dedicated to St. Mark the Evangelist, who brought Christianity to Egypt.

    This year the community is made up of eight Jesuits.   Of course we have regular visits from other Jesuits, and others as well.   In addition, we often have 'temporary' members who bring their own experience while sharing ours.   One member of the community lives permanently in a parish near Luxor Town, in the far South.   It is difficult to enumerate each one's apostolate in detail, but in general, the communiity's  work includes the spiritual and material supervision of all activities centered on the Residence Complex, as well as various Apostolic Engagements both in El Minia itself and out in the country around as well, all the way South to Luxor.
Henk Fr. Henk van Ruijven s.j.   ( Abouna Henery )
Superior of the Community
From the Netherlands.
Atef Br. Atef-Soubhi s.j.   ( Frere Atef )
From Egypt
Hanna Fr. Jean Faure s.j.   ( Abouna Hanna )
From France
Toni Fr. Twanny Fenech s.j.   ( Abouna Toni )
From Malta
Mounir Fr. Mounir Khouzam s.j.   ( Abouna Mounir )
From Egypt
( Resides in Armant, near Luxor Town )
Magdi Fr. Magdi-Seif s.j.   ( Abouna Magdi )
From Egypt
Youssef Fr. Joseph Mizzi s.j.   ( Abouna Youssef )
From Malta
Savier Sc. Xavier Nucci s.j.
From France.
( Regency Experience starting March 2001 )

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