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There is some advice at the bottom of this page. Most crafts books will give you a lot a sensible advice, and you will no doubt have enough experience in this matter if you have already tried proposing crafts projects to childen.

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Wriggling Clown

This is a 'bonus' page which, you may think, has no apparent connection to the rest of these pages. But anyone working especially with children will tell you about the enchanting effect that simple crafts have on the children. If you yourself work with children, then go ahead and help yourself to these items and God Bless you, but whoever you are, perhaps you may think of thanking us by helping us materially and/or spiritually.
As anyone can tell you, no one really invents a craft item from scratch, but as you practice, you tend to improve on what you receive from others, and occasionally you will hit on a really original idea, so that you can then call an item 'your very own'. Most of these items have gone through such an evolution. Enjoy yourself.

Some advice:
1 Always try out any crafts project for yourself, before attempting to show it to others. In this way you will be better prepared for what problems to look out for, the degree of difficulty, etc. Always beware of dangerous tools and make sure of adequate supervision. In any case, it is always good to have a demonstratin model to show to the chldren before they start: the nicer and more colourful it is, the more desirable it will be for them to try it
2 Depending on the age and dexterity of the children, you may need to prepare many things beforehand. This goes from the indispensible availability of all tools and materials to be used, to some cutting up and preparing of pieces beforehand to make sure to avoid waste and/or to assure a better chance of success.
3 Never work with large numbers of children, as most will them will end up ruining the project or simply not doing it all. If you have others to help you, you can divide large groups into smaller ones, but then it is advisable that helpers have themselves, too, tried the project beforehand. Otherwise we suggest that you take the children in consecutive groups, with the other groups doing some other activity in the meantime.
4 As much as possible encourage the children to try, as many will tend to be lazy and, on the excuse of not understanding, will try to get you or their friends to do it form them.
5 Those who are quick on the uptake can help you by helping, not doing themselves, just helping, and explaining the project's steps to their companions.
6 Many crafts need not be expensive. Often you can make use of cheaply avilable materials and substitutes that will give as good a result as more expensive material. In any case, as many children tend to ruin the project on the first try, it is always better to be economical. You can go for more expensive and better quality materials either for the demonstration model you will make beforehand, which ought to be as attractive as possible, or to re-do the project with the children who turn out neat and clean work.
7 A tip: Children in the Primary School age bracket prefer craft projects that are also games, with which they can continue to play once crafts time is over.
8 Remember that crafts are not a mere recreational activity to pass away the time. Crafts Time can be a very educational and enlightening experience if you wish to make it so: neatness and cleanliness of work, putting in an effort, cooperation with companions, attention not to injure oneself, creativity and imgination and new ideas, concentration, manual dexterity and a host of other factets by which to make the children grow in all aspects of their being.

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