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1986 T-type 11.03 @ 121.9 Street trim (pump gas, alky injection, MT DRs)

Hello and welcome to my TR page. My name is Tim (tim87tr on various Buick and GTO boards) and I am the owner of an 87 T-top GN (since March 2000) and 2005 Cyclone Gray Metallic Pontiac GTO 6-speed (since April 06).  I sold my 86 Dark Carmine T-type as roller January 06.  I'll now have a spare engine, tranny and convertor for the  87 GN.  The spare T-type motor has a Weber 206 roller cam, ported and o-ringed irons, TRW pistons and standard bore and crank, which produced the ET listed above.  I purchased the 2005 Cyclone Gray Metallic GTO on April 11, 2006, trading in my 04 Avalanche.  The GTO has the LS2 motor found in the 06 Corvette C6, Trailblazer SS, Cadillac CTS-V, and SSR.  

My email is troar@comwares.net


2005 Pontiac GTO, Cyclone Gray Metallic, 6-speed, LS2






1987 Buick Grand National

Pictures soon with the new Centerline Indys, 275/60 (28") MT Drag Radials on 15x8s and 205/75s (27") on 15x6s

GN T-top Performance: Mostly a street car, Alpine CD and speakers, Polk 12" sub;   T-tops are great for cruising!

Charleston, IL 7/12/02 -- -- 8.27 @ 84.2 with 1.87 60' 245 Nittos, stock turbo & converter    

Car now has a TA-49, Powerstroke custom Front Mount IC, UMI tubular boxed rear arms, and MT Drag Radials on Centerline Indys    



1987 Dark Red Metallic Turbo T--  Purchased 6/01, Sold 5/04




Stock Turbo, Injectors, Converter, IC, Engine, & Suspension!


7.740 @ 87.9 mph with 1.69  60'30 total track passes!!






1994 Chevy 4wd S-10 Blazer 4dr



You need a winter beater vehicle to handle the ridiculous amounts of salt spread for those big 1" ILLinois snowfalls!!


 Listen closely, you can hear the salt eating through the paint and destroying your vehicle.





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