Thanks for checking me out. Before you enter my site, I think its important that you know a little about me. I'm a 24 year old college student in California. I am very outgoing and adventorous. I find myself in all types of situations. Its just one of the things that makes life in CA enjoyable. I'm very outgoing and comfortable with myself. I've got a very low key and mellow attitude. This website that I've put together was done entirely for fun. There is a lot of construction still going on here. I taught myself HTML years ago and just recently finished a class on the subject to formalize what I already knew. So, the landscape is going to be changing periodically. Let me know what you think: Thats my email addie. Oh, this is really important too; I'm gay. I like men and men seem to like me, LoL. So, in case you're a lady who stumbled onto my page from a profile somewhere; I love to chat, but we won't be falling into internet love. Well, lets get the show on the road, huh? Look to your right there should be a list of links. Check those out. If you can't see the links those stupid ads from Geocities are blocking you. Just click those >>> (its a tab at the top of the advertisement). See ya!! Until then, enjoy the freebies.
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