Vampire Hunter D; Sublime Hunter
a fan-fic by Midnightingale

Earth, the distant future. A time of chaos, the planet crawls with rotten life. Vampires rule their kingdoms, and humans suffer in their wake. The miserable turn to their only hope... The vampire hunters.

The day was long, when a lone rider made his way into my castle. The sun was already burning low on the horizon, rays of light melding with the clouds, casting a purple glow on all earths occupants. The wind was blowing his dark hair, and cape behind him. His body, lean, was clad entirely in black. His face all paleness and gray was partly hid by an elegant black hat. These were features like gods of Fey; aquiline with shining eyes, and the long pointing ears that they were known for. I'll never forget seeing him that radiant evening. It was, the first time I believed in fate. I am Suukou Kariudo, a dunpeal, half monster, half human, daughter of a murderous Vampire. This is my story.

******* ******* ******* ********

He seemed to cross the drawbridge without a moment of hesitation. I was there to meet him, I suppose I wanted this being to know that he wasn't walking into a trap. Every movement he made, every gesture of his hand, the way he stood perfectly still, exposed his hunter statist. I thought, maybe, those slender hands had torn out hearts, the still beating hearts of our vampire kin. This was why I asked him here, why I wanted him to come so badly. My mother so corrupt in her sin, murdered thousands. Death, it seemed, was the only way to stop her. And stop her I meant to do, if it meant hiring this uncanny creature, this hunter, with vampire blood in his veins. I knew then, that he would help me.

"Good evening Hunter D. Thank you for coming." When he slightly nodded I continued. "I am Suukou Kariudo, you are welcome here, for the moment. There are things we should discuss in, say, the library."

I lead him into the interior of the castle. The walls opened around us to reveal a great hall hung with ancient tapestries and forgotten coats of arms. An enormous hearth blazed fire into the dying daylight casting a reddish orange glow upon us as he followed me through the commons room. Soon, we came upon a large oak door that led into the library. It was a dusty room that smelled of parchment, and decaying paper. Some tombs were so tattered and old that the names couldn't be read. Rows upon rows of books stretched to the twelve foot ceiling. In the center hung a magnificent crystal chandelier alight with the soft glow of candles filling the room with a feeling of warmth and security.

"I've lived here for the past three hundred years. I fled a life of violence and blood. I thought, here I could live in peace, but it was not so. I am haunted by the life I led in Japan. My hands are stained with blood, and I wish above all else that I could forget what I was."

"What is it you want?"

I was shocked to hear his voice. So soft, yet demanding. Turning, I faced him, I felt the fabric of my dark green dress brush against my legs, heard it make a swishing sound. In the wake of his voice everything seemed so quiet, for a moment I doubted whether I heard him at all. Wondering instead, if it was just my imagination running wild. I took a breath, rallying myself for my response.

"I want you to help me kill my mother."

He never batted an eye. He just stood, as still as a statue waiting for me to continue.

"When I left Japan, I was running away from her. Her cruelty knows no bounds. She does not simply feed, she tortures. First I watched with the eyes of a child, later I watched through the eyes of a practiced killer, finally, I watched her with knowing eyes. All I could see in the end was my vision of peace. My vision of a life that knows no death. I found that here in my castle, built upon the very ground ancient gods once treaded. But now, now I fear my three hundred years of peace is going to be shattered. Four weeks ago I received a letter. It was from her, from my mother. Here, I cannot bear to read it aloud."

I pulled the folded piece of paper from a pocket hidden in my skirts. When I handed it over I felt the cool bush of his fingers against mine. I suppressed the shudder, opting instead to turn away from him, and seat myself on a nearby chair. I watched as he read those words, so eloquently written, yet so full of despair. I knew what it said, I knew a hundred times over...


My darling daughter,

I write you of terrible news. Your childhood home has been destroyed. Burnt in a glorious fire that reached to heaven with hell's fury. The villagers, such simple fools, thought they could burn me out. Of course, they know better now. Still, I find myself yearning for new experiences. Yearning for new blood to flow through these old veins. Japan has grown tediously boring, I feel myself on the move for the first time in years. I am going to pay you a little visit, my beautiful spawn. Hopefully, I will be well on my way by the time you receive this letter, but the journey will, for me, be a long one, as I plan to buy some protection on my way. Expect me within three months. I hope this letter has found you well.

Your Loving Mother,

Moniku An'ya


Hunter D lowered the letter to his side, not offering it back. It was impossible to read the man, his features as stone as they were before. I sat there studying him, not quite knowing what to say. I settled for...

"What should I do? I can't let her come here, she will ruin everything I have."

"One hundred million. I will leave tonight."

"I'm going with you."


"Yes, I am. You will need my help to find her. I am not as soft as I appear. I can ride, and I can fight. I am a Dunpeal after all. I will do what I can, and I won't get in the way. I know how she thinks, how she is. I will be an asset to you. I come, or you can leave now, it makes no differance to me. I will simply find someone else."


He laid the letter on a bookshelf an examined a few of the novels. His fingres leaving prints in the dust. I left the library, hurring to my room to change, and pack a light saddle bag.

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