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"The Rose" is our 4 year old Great Pyranees/German Shepard mix.  We found Rosie through the internet and drove 7 hours to a rescue shelter in Texas to adopt her.  It may sound a little crazy to others, but she is worth every bit of the time we spent driving to and from Texas.

A breeder of pyrs "warned" us that such a mix of breeds could result in behavior problems.  However, Rosie is a sweet, "gentle giant".  She does not growl or show anger, even if we need to take something out of her mouth. She loves to nudge or slap us when she wants to be rubbed.  The only problem is that she thinks she is still a puppy, and doesn't realized how big she or her paws are.

She is somewhat independent like a pyr and does enjoy her time outside in her fenced area.  However, when she comes in the house, she loves to play with her toys and romp around the living room.  At night, she only naps, and stays awake to guard us.  Once we get up and have our coffee, she takes her morning nap.

This site is a photo album of Rosie's life.  She is a dog of many shapes and faces. She is as long as a pyr, but only a little taller than a shepard.  Consequently, different photo angles make her look different sizes.  As she has grown up, she has continually changed back and forth between a brown pyr and a furry shepard.    At 4, she is now just her own beautiful self. Please click the links to the left to watch "The Rose" grow. 
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Site published:  June 8, 2007
  Site last updated:  June 10, 2007
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