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This is my Hot Wheels Custom School. Here you will find classes on how to build customs as well as links to other peoples customs pages. I also plan on adding information on building some of the equipment to make your customizing easier. If you want to know how to build customs or just like to look at other peoples customs then take a look around. If there are any questions or suggestions for something you would like to see here just E-Mail me and I will do what I can.

If you would like a banner to use to link to my page you can get it here.

 I Started a Yahoo Group for tips, tricks, and Ideas for doing customs. Feel free
to drop in. It is free to join and should be a lot of help once we get a few members.
You can post messages, pictures of your customs in progress and tips & tricks you
have figured out.

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 Woo Hoo!! I dropped in on a meeting of the Gateway Hot Wheelers Club. I met a lot of very nice people and saw a lot of awsome customs. There were tables with new stuff as well as redlines. They did racing and had a custom contest. I managed to grab first in Radical Customs and Outlaw Customs as well as Best Detail for my entry in the Outlaw Class. My cars


Building the Smooth side Shoebox

How to Chop the top on a 69 Chevy

How to build the Bugs-2-Fast

Here are more pictures of
Way-2-Fast/VW Bug Customs

How to do a tilt front Super Smooth

Learn how to build this Tilt Hood
Passion at Buds Custom Shop

 How to build a 65 Impala Custom
A quick and easy custom that looks great.

 Do you want to get masks so you can do
your own flames? KB Kustoms has them.

Tell him Terry sent you.

 See how this Custom 32 Ford was
built using jewelers tools at
Altered States Conversions

There is a great article about making
Hinges for opening doors on this site.
Bondo's World 

For information on almost every
aspect of customizing including
how to do spectraflame paint.
Check out Van Designs


For a great article on flaming
your customs take a look at
JnJ Custom Diecast

See how this nice Custom Tomassima
was built by John Machaqueiro

 Some great customs and a great how-to
for this awsome VW Bus.

Here is a great article on building
this nice
Chaparral from Barry M.

I am normally not into repaints
but Cameron at
Cams Customs
just blew my mind. Impressive!

I Had Cameron paint these two bikes
for me. Awsome work! Better pics here.

For some interesting pictures of works
in progress and a great section on
making hinges try
Bluzboy97's Page

Ritz will walk you through this
Emergency HumVee on
his page
He has other customs there too

Here is Ricks Heavy Chevy
Restoration project
that he
promised us. Came out nice.

Have you been looking for the
Flame CD ? Get it at
Flaming Graphics

Over 1700 FLAMES, Pinstripes,Racing Stripes,
Numbers, Fonts, Car Templates

  See how to build this nice VW Bug
Weav's Customs and Diecast

Here is a custom site from JAPAN!
High Boys Customs

Some of the best looking customs
being made and a page with tips
Kustom City

The guys at Hot Customs do real nice
restorations. They have an interesting
page of customs in progress too.

Thinking about restoring those Redlines?
You can get some good information at
Steve's Toys

Check out Jack Taylor's
Do it youself Custom page
He has tips on painting flames as
well as spectraflame paint. He has
a lot of pictures of customs too.

Take a look at Chopper's Customs.
Great work and a bunch of different
customs and Redline Restorations.


  For pictures of every type of VW
Custom anyone could imagine go to
RPM's Custom VW page

This is RPM's own Bug/Way-2-Fast

RealRacers Customs
Building custom race cars

  Need decals for your customs?
They also have Custom wheels.

Do you need reproduction parts for those
old Redlines? *Windows*Wings*Tops*
*Surf Boards*Redline Wheels*
Tips, supplies, and a lot of Customs
The Redline Shop

I can pesonally recommend buying from Jon.
The quality of everything I have gotten is great
and he is right on the ball with shipping.

For all those small tools that make this
hobby easier take a look at
Micro-Mark online catalog

 First Strike Customs
They will restore your old Hot Wheels
or sell you restored or custom cars.
They also carry dry rub transfer graphics.

If you need Reproduction parts for
those Redlines or Spectraflame Paint
try Sizzlers Hotline
They also have
*Hoods* Motors*Windshields*Interiors*
*ChopCycle Riders*Sizzlers parts*

Hot World Customs
is now a part of

Reproduction part, custom parts,
Awsome resin bodies. Check it out.

For water slide decals and custom
order decals *Company Logos*
*Club Car Decals* Web Site Logos*
Halls Guide Custom Decals

 Testors Web site
Paint, Models and more. Even
an Online factory Auction.

Custom Boards and Clubs
Diecast Illustrated Customs & Restorations
. . . . .
Custom Art Hotwheels (Monthly Custom Contest) . .
Four Aces Diecast Customs .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
DieCast Automobile Replicas Society . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Restored Redlines and Customs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
HotWheel CuStOmZ Hangout (Customs, Contests)
The Custom Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Crazy for Custom Hotwheels (Krylon Kids Club) .....
Chop Shop Customs. (customs, tips, & trades boards)
My Yahoo Customizers Club (tips, tricks, customs)
Chop Shop Customs Board ( a new custom club) . . .

   Looking for display cases?
Race Action Displays
. . . .
Giovanni Plastics Inc.

Diecast Display. . . . . . .
K&S Industries . . . . . . .

I can personally recommend Giovanni Plastics.
I now own two of their cases. The quality is top
notch and the shipping was very prompt.

Links to other Custom Pages.
If you have a Custom Page and
would like to have your link here

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