So you want to do spectraflame? Here are the steps involved. At the bottom of the page are links to other spectraflame pages.

 Here is the car I am starting with. A 2002 FE 68 Cougar. This is a great candidate for redlines and spectraflame paint.


 First I drill the rivets, take it apart and dip the body in my stripper. This is what I use. it came from Napa Auto Parts. You can watch the paint start lifting right off of the car. In fact you can hear it crackle.


 About 5 minutes and it is ready to rinse off. I run water over it and scrub it with a stiff toothbrush. It doesn't take much with this stripper. In fact most cars the paint will all wash off with no scrubbing at all. Make sure you don't use this inside. It is potent stuff.


 Here it is. All stripped and ready to buff out. Now if you want you can file off the casting marks and flaws but I am leaving mine there for a more realistic early redline spectraflame look.


 Now you have to buff it out. Make it shine like a mirror. The better the shine the better the spectraflame effect.


 I am going to do it in pink so I found a nice pink fingernail polish. I mixed it half & half with clear fingernail polish and then thinned it for my airbrush. You can do it this way or you can paint it with any "Candy" color.



 After it dried I shot a coat of clear on it to protect it. If you look at the spectraflame redlines you will notice they didn't have a deep clear coat. They just used the transparent type of paint. They had the glow but not the real "deep" look you get from several clear coats.


I painted the roof flat black and put it back together with some redlines from a KB Toys Red Baron I got on clearance. It looks good sitting in my case with my real redlines.


 Here is a Magenta Super Smooth. I painted it with Boyds Candy Grape. I sprayed the paint from the rattle can into my airbrush bottle. If you warm the can up first and shake it real good you will get great results.


 Mecedes 280SL painted with Boyds Candy Purple Pearl.


 I found a great new paint for Spectraflame colors. It is Krylon Stained Glass paint. Awsome stuff. I have mixed aqua and antifreeze with it. You can fnd it in Michaels Craft Stores or the craft department in bigger stores..

Yes I do customize the old redlines.


  Here is a nice Heavy Chevy I did in Spectraflame gold.


 Scrap Daddy's has some great info.
Van Designs has probably the best section on Spectraflame painting I have seen.
The Redline Shop sells spectraflame paint as well as very good quality reproduction parts. I pesonally get all my parts here.
Sizzlers Hotline also sells spectraflame paint.
House of Kolor carries Kandys, pearls, clears, and about anything else you could want.
Would you rather powdercoat? Check out The Redline Technician.
Hotwheels Redline Restoration & Repair. A great site.
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Redline Restorations by 99Octane.
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The Redline Technician A great page with a ton of information.

If you have any more spectraflame web sites I should know about drop me a line.

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