The Flower Garden
Welcome to the Flower Garden
Awake the child within you and dance with the faeries
Forget  your sorrow and pain for a moment....or threehundred years
Wonder again about the small things in life
The pattern the sun makes when it falls through the leaves of a tree
The shining colour of a beautiful flower
And see the Miracle
The faeries are here
Just wait and see....

Magic Faery
Twilight Fae By Brian Froud, I don't know which book. The picture is big, but certainly worth waiting
Jasmine Faery
Willow Faery
Light fae
bearing a child by Arthur Rackham
late meeting
taking a shower
fire spirit

Have you ever seen or read the book The Faeries by Brian Froud and Alan Lee? please go here and tell, or read how this book has inspired others....

Other Faery lands(links)
-Wander into Faery Mists
-The faery garden

-more faeries (and dragons) by Amy Brown...

When you want to read stories or poems about faeries, try the Ancient Library

Here we dance in the twilight
Where for mortal eyes we hide
us you cannot see nor hear
Yet you know that we are here
Because you know us with your heart
We are the Muses of your Art
We are Beauty and are Fun
We are the Laughter of the Sun
We are the twinkling in your eyes
We are magic without disguise

The Ring of Faeries and Elves
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