A selection of my writing

Writing is just one of the hobbies i've enjoyed throughout my life as a way to express certain emotions and feelings. However you will notice that most of my writings are a bit on the negative side of emotions. I rarly wrote when i was in a good mood, or feeling positive about things. That's because when i am feeling down, i would rather be alone and vent onto a piece of paper, were as if i'm in a cheery mood, i'm more likly to be out doing something fun and/or more constructive.

Below are a few of my writings, most of which are poetry, but i will try to post more as time goes by of other types of writing.


Angels of the Night.
Fine Wine.
Flashing Light.
Memories of Me.
People and Me.
Sitting in a Corner.
The Beast Within the Man.
World of People.
You and I Unite.

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