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I'd like you to marry me... I'm in love with Laverne... Lenny steals a kiss

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One of the biggest blunders in TV history... Behold! The Couple That Never Was. No flirting, no kissing, no touching tenderly could convince the writers that these two deserved a chance to be together. For that reason L/L romance is one of the most popular categories here on L&S Fan Fiction. Here, justice is made, and Lenny gets plenty of "I Love You"s from Laverne. There is not enough lip gloss to go around for these two on the following stories. Have fun and always remember: Laverne and Lenny sitting in a tree... V-O-D-E-O--- oh, wait...

Banana Nut Cupcake by Squeaky
Laverne regrets the events that occured in 'Mother's Day'.

Better and Worse, Sickness and Health by Old Time Fan
In this installment, our couples get ready for their wedding day. Of course, nothing goes as smoothly as plannedů

But He's MY Weirdo! (3/3) by Missy
Will Squiggy save Rhonda from Dick? Will Lenny ever meet up with Laverne? And what about that proposal?!

Full of IT by Missy
Lenny introduces Laverne to the art of silent films, and they both learn a bit about the art and lives of Clara Bow and Mary Pickford while falling a bit more for one another.

Goosebumps! (3/3) by Missy
Five years after the series timeline's ended has ended; Laverne has come to New York to help Shirley deal with Walter's being shipped to Vietnam. Her life changes forever when she hears and all-to-familiar song on the Radio.

I Thought I Knew You (2/2) by Squeaky
Laverne and Lenny are flirting and Shirley is sure it's the real thing.

It Ain't Easy Bein' Rich by Ashley
When Lenny inherits millions from a dead relative, he finds that the only way he can inherit it is to be married.

It Ain't Possible by Squeaky
Laverne and Lenny face each other. Will they forgive and forget what happened in 'Banana Nut Cupcake'?

The Jacket by Missy
A jacket and its influence on a man, a woman, and their daughter, who can't understand why it's so special in the first place.

K-S-M: Kiss Me by Squeaky
A strange drink makes Laverne get the hots for Lenny.

Love Is In the Air by S. Wilhelmina Feenster
Laverne and Lenny decide to take their relationship another step and elope. ***Sequel to One Moment in Time***

May Day, 1977 (2/2) by Missy
On Laverne's wedding day, Shirley comands control of the wedding party. She's so busy that she's entirely oblivious to Carmine's need to get her alone...and, for awhile, that the bride is missing! Can Lavernes' cold feet be thawed?
***Sequel to "Independance Day, 1976(Drama/Tragedy)"***

Mother's Day by Squeaky
Lenny may finally get to celebrate this holiday. Meanwhile Laverne is confused about her feelings toward him.

One Moment in Time by S. Wilhelmina Feenster
Lenny experiences a loss and Laverne comforts him..causing their relationship to go to a whole new level. ***Followed by Love Is In the Air***

The Porch by Missy
Lenny and Laverne have a nice chat on the Californian stoop

Poland is Beautiful This Time of Year by Lone Wolfette
A plague causes Lenny to get the throne of Poland, but will he and Laverne stand being apart?

Prom Night 1956 by Ashley
Shirley reflects on her Senior Prom-with a few surprises thrown in.

Reconciliations by Lauren
Takes place about a year after Shirley left, Shirley's divorced Walter and returns to California. Also answers why Lenny disappeared!

Revengence by Missy
Laverne learns just how much Lenny's suffered all of these years when he throws himself into a relationship to make her jealous, then completely ignores her.

Sleepless by Missy
Lenny and Laverne waste some time on the roof...if you can call coming to important decisions about life and love "wasting".

Wildwood Flower by Missy
Laverne has something to tell Lenny, but he has a clue of his own...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Missy
Laverne exults in her own adoration for Lenny..

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