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Academic Report Template

APA Style Guides!!!! (8/2004)

Autism Links

Behavior/ABA/FBA Links(8/2004)I have compiled an incredible collection on this page, including some excellent  training material resources.

Behavioral Objectives - How to write them!!!!! (8/2004)

Cognitive Disabilities/MR LINKS (SLC Students)

Teacher Job Placement/Employment Links

FBA Unit of Practice Overview

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Links

FBA Template

Instructional Methods Links (8/2004)including masterly learning methods such as direct instruction, precision teaching, programmed instruction & instructional design, behavior analysis & Stephenson's/SEMPLE materials link.
Mitchell Teach

No Child Left Beind L

Paperwork Templates for School Ps

Paraprofessional Training L

Psychology Links  (Old Home Page)Watch for further updates of this page.

(8-2004) (the best yet!)
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We are all related....one world, one people. 
This is a photo of a medicine wheel at Badlands National Park in western South Dakota.
A medicine wheel is a tribute to the 4-directions, and to the races of the world. 
The location of the colors in the wheel varies from tribe to tribe.
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