Hi, welcome to my website. Has you can tell, I'm a fan of Stargate SG-1, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Queen, so I decided to make a website about them.
I'm more a Stargate and Star Wars fan then LOTR and Queen, to me, is the best band in the world.
On most of my pages, you'll notice that there is a bio on the characters, under a graphic of the person, and then another graphic of the actor or actoress, and then a bio of them, and a list of all the film's and T.V. shows that they have been in, and then some links to website that are fansites to them. Some of them don't have links, and that's because they didn't have them.Thank you for looking at my website. Please e-mail me if you see something that needs to be updated.
I also run a Pen pal service, so if you want a pen pal, e-mail me at You have to tell me how many you want (the limit's five), and I'll send you e-mail address. Also, e-mail me at that e-mail if you find a link that doesn't go anywhere. For the Pen pals, put pen pal in the subject line, and for the broken links, put link in the subject line. For feedback, put website in the subject line.
So, for the website's: Click here for the Stargate SG-1.Click Here for the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings one. Click here for the Queen one.

All images are made by me, except for the Skel's Realm one, which is made by Akili.

Thanks to everyone at Thal's yahoo group, and my yahoo Stargate group, who made me so interested and good at graphic's.

Also, Click Here for the Gallery.

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