Enter The Mystical World Of Fairies

What Are Fairies?
The stories of fairies and where they come from are as old
and diverse as any tale ever told. In most stories, fairies are
tiny little creatures with wings. They are known to have magical
powers and to be very mischievous. In general they love to dance
and sing. There are many different types of fairies and they have
just as many personalities. They live in all kinds of places, so be
sure to know your faeries. And remember the next time you see
something out of the corner of your eye or you hear strange long
ago music, that you've probably been visited by a fairy.

The Butterfly Faery
The Butterfly Faery, sometimes called the moss people. They originated in Switzerland and possibly Germany. Some are even known to have come from the Islands and Africa.

These lovely creatures have butterfly wings attached to their bodies. They come in both female and male forms that are slender and human like.

They are very shy. Human sightings are very rare especially as more woodland areas disappear to development. They are leary of us and avoid us when possible. They are often mistaken for butterflies especially the Monarch. They are experts at hiding and like to hide in mossy, dark areas.

They generally don't aid humans but if they come to trust you are good luck to have around. It is unknown the best way to contact them. It is unknown what foods they like but it is possible they like flower nectar.

Should you happen upon a butterfly faery move slowly and make no attempt to capture them. Let them know you are a friend and mean them no harm.

Look carefully the next time butterflies visit your garden for it just may be the shy and timid butterfly faery. To have them around is very good fortune for you.

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