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Duo says:
If you are male and your untied hair is longer than 8 inches, either stay away from Quatre or invest in some rubber bands!

~from The Woody-Haired Creature Series
The boss says:

~G-Boys RPG Blog! (see below)
~Gundam Wing meets Devil May Cry, Chapter 2: Devilry At Work
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December 20, 2002.
Fa la la la la....
Quatre: (is decorating the Christmas tree) All right. I am finished.
Duo: O_O What the HECK did you do to the tree?
Quatre: What is wrong?
Duo: The tinsel is bunched to one corner, the decorations are all hung at the base, the gifts are stuck IN the tree, and the angel is under the tree!!!
Quatre: I don't understand what you are saying.
Duo: I'm saying the tree looks like crap!
Quatre: Oh. Well, I don't know, because I've never celebrated Christmas before.
Duo: WHAT?! Then what about my present?
Quatre: I didn't get you anything. Were we supposed to?
Duo: -_-; Nevermind.... Merry Christmas Quatre.
Quatre: Merry Christmas Duo! This American holiday sounds like fun!
Duo: *cries*
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Duo: The all new old conversations!
D: I told you to count how many visitors came but you don't have watch so intently, you know.
Q: But perhaps if I stare at it more, the numbers will go up.
D: Okay, Quatre, now you're just scaring our fans away.
Since 06/15/00
All fanworks here done by Harmony (excluding the works sent in by you guys, of course)!
Duo: No, WE did them!
Quatre: Eh...!
Bless those people who thought up these 'characters'....shh...
(P.S. - it looks less boring now.)
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Duo: Ever go to a website and think "Awww, man, no new updates?" Well, think again. With Duo and Quatre's Nifty Spiffy Mailing List, be the first on your block to recieve the latest info on our misadventures hot off the press!
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So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!
(Man, I feel like I'm in a commercial)

Quatre: You know what, Duo? You talk too much.
No assembly required. Batteries not included.
(Duo quickly clamps hands over mouth)
Duo and Quatre's Official Fan Club!
Duo: Come and join Duo and Quatre's *Official* Fan Club where you, the fan author and artist can share your OWN work with the rest of the world! It's real simple. Just click here, sign in, and be a part of this *exclusive* group! Better sign up fast! Membership is limited!
Quatre: Haha, he is just kidding.... Duo is just afraid that no one will join.
Duo: Did I ask you to interrupt? I'm on a role! Look! Someone is joining! (hehe)
Quatre: By the way, The Official Fan Club will act as an extension to our homepage. Duo and I will try to post on there regularly and to answer any questions you may have.
Duo: Benefits of joining this *exclusive* club are easier postings of your work because you will get to do it BY YOURSELF! What does that say for convenience?
The Fans: You should have done that a long time ago!!!
Quatre: Sorry.
Duo: I support Wu-wu!
Wufei: Maaaxwellll!!!
I Support Wufei Chang!
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Quatre: Duo, violence is bad.
Duo: We're not THE best but, well, you know...
Duo: I'm not a guy! I'm a MAN.
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Relena: I do NOT approve of this homepage! You take down that banner this instant!
Quatre: But Relena....
Duo: If we win the approval of you, then we can win the approval of ANYBODY!
Relena: No! And, besides...I don't look that great in that picture.
Duo: You said it!
Relena: Also, can you possibly make this page more pink?
Quatre: Now, you are going too far....
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