Sanctum Occularis is a rare,used and hard to find book dealer and advisor.  The Sanctum has  members from many different paths and centers of esoteric knowledge that are ready to help you find that book which will enable you to continue on your chosen path or help you decide what path of knowledge will have answers to the questions you have. The Sanctum also offers guidence and instructions for most paths or can direct you to those most qualified to instruct you.  On these pages you will find some books that we offer for sale you may also see more of our books listed on Categories include: Egyptian magick, Herioglyphics, Hermetic Philosophies, Kabbalah, Asatru, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Cretan, Minoan,Gypsies,Stregara and many more.

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Researches on magnetism, electricity, heat, light, crystallization, and chemical attraction in their relations to the vital force  by Karl Reichenbach    Price: $ 85.95

The Lost Zodiac: 22 Ancient Star Signs : What They Mean and How to Find Them in the Night Sky (Hardcover)   by Catherine Tennant Price: $ 26.00

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