The following is a list of interesting links dealing with the life and music of J. S. Bach. This site is still very much work in progress and I will be adding many more links on a day by day basis. The headings for each section that I have used are quite rough and could be quibbled with if you are a librarian. Within each general heading I have maintained alphabetical order. Just click on the underlined titles of each site and this will get you to the desired location.




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2003 Carmel Bach Festival Master Class Info

Contains facts about Bach, quotes about Bach and links to other sites. By David Gordon.

Bach Bibliography

Yo Tomita's site aims to provide access to "the most up-to-date and most comprehensive bibliography of J. S. Bach". One can search the site using complex and simple searches. Contains a section on new publications. Dissertation and journal articles are also referenced. All embracing!

Bach Central Station

This is a massive directory of J.S. Bach resources on the internet undert main subject headings. The site is maintained by David J. Grossman. There is also a link to Dave's J.S. Bach Page This site features a detailed works catalogue, MIDI and a recommended recordings list.

Bach in the Movies

A list of films where Bach's music appears.

Bach's Little Website

Amongst other things, Rob Kruijt looks at the history of the organ in the Bonifaciuskirche in Arnstadt and at the history of the Thomaschule. Some good historical images on this site.

Cosmic Ambition

Christoph Wolff's book 'Johann Sebatian Bach: The Learned Musician' reviewed by Edward Said. Part of the London Review of Books website.

An Evangelical Musical Genius: "J. S. B.: S. D. G."

Article by Arthur L. Farstad from an evangelical perspective. Situates Bach's work as a perfect continuation of Luther's ideas on music. He also endeavors to show that Bach lived a truly Christian life. Part of the Grace Evangelical Society website.

Goldberg Early Music Magazine

This early music portal has many free articles some of which are concerned with Bach. Many items can be viewed for free. Click on the "Goldberg Magazine" link to see archived issues. High quality website.

J. S. Bach Home Page

Maintained by Jan Handford and Jan Koster. Includes full biography with some nice old maps and pictures. There is a personal tourist guide written by Jan Koster. Also included is a section containing portraits of Bach and a detailed bibliography.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Features a short biography, Midi and Mp3 files, a catalogue of works sorted by BWV number and a picture gallery. A Karadar Music site.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Antonio Casagimeno's site contains stamp images from around the world featuring Johann Sebastian Bach, his work and the places where he lived.

On the Traces of Johann Sebastian Bach

Tourism site devoted to the places where Bach lived. Gives details on how one can stay there. There is also information on festivals which include the music of Bach e.g. Thuringian Bach Festivals.


Coming out of North Arizona University, Timothy A. Smith's site provides detailed information on Bach's education and career. He also looks at the society of that time and at the ideas which inform Baroque Music. He defines the various forms Bach uses in his music e.g. canon and fugue with detailed examples showing how they are applied (sound examples are available). This latter material is designed especially for study.


Look up articles about Bach and his world.

Terri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages

Features amongst other things, a previously unknown portrait of Bach together with other portraits, an article on Bachs handwriting and critical discographies of 3 major choral works namely: The B Minor Mass,and the Saint Matthew and Saint John Passions

Universal Library
Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. Enables the user to read many books about Bach online including Albert Schweitzer's 'J. S. Bach



Bach Digital

You can hear sound examples of instruments that Bach would have known. The main part of the site consists of high quality autograph score images.

Bach, Mozart and the Musical Midwife: Article by M. Rasmussen

A long essay about the musical influence of Bach on Mozart which was instigated by 'midwife' Baron Van Swieten.

Bach's Polka

Article by George Belanus on the discovery of a Bach "polka" (from Cantata No. 78) by accordianist Henry Doktorski. On the JANPress Publications site.

Bernard D. Sherman's Web Site.

Contains a series of essays/articles/reviews on Bach's vocal and instrumental music. He is particularly interested in changes in performance practice.

Discovering Music on Radio 3

Find out about the inner workings of pieces such as the Goldberg Variations and Jesu Meine Freude in these 45 minute programmes from Radio 3 UK. Use Real Player.

Early Music Myths

Article from a 'Historically Informed Performance' perspective. Against Bach being played on the piano and the use of choirs. Part of the 'Diabolus in Musica' site.

The Flying Inkpot

Contains reviews of Bach's works on CD with a slight bias towards 'authentic' performance. Also includes an essay entitled 'To Bach is to be Human' by Chia Ha Leon.

Gottiger Bach Katalog

Database of the works of Bach and their handwritten sources till 1850.

Hyperion Records Home Page

Has Real Audio excerpts from CD's of Bach's music. Also has informative sleeve notes of some of the recordings on this site.

Johann Sebastian Bach and Works for the Trumpet

Part of O.J's Trumpet Page. Consists of a list of works where Bach uses the trumpet as well as listings of players who have made recordings. Has scores in PDF of Bach's Cello Suites which can be played on the trumpet. Pages devised by Ole J. Utnes and Walter Roth.

J. S. Bach Parodies

Pinpoints the works where Bach 're-uses'material either by transcription or by parodying an earlier piece.


After having registered one can listen to Bach 24/7/365 with the ''Back to Bach'' radio station. There are also the ''Baroque'' and ''Oratorio'' stations which also feature Bach's music heavily.



a+30+a'Goldberg Variations

This is a huge discography by Pooh Shikata of every conceivable performance of this mighty work. Includes images of the disc covers as well as short reviews. Also has information about the many scores of this piece which have been published.

The Art of the Palimpsest: Compositional Approaches to the Music of J. S. Bach

This page is authored by composer Christos Hatzis. It describes in technical detail, how his works have been based on instrumental music such as the Goldberg Variations and the Art of Fugue

Bach and Horzowski

Note by Alan Evans on the Polish pianist Mieczyslaw Horszowski and his love of Bach. Produced by Arbeiter Records.

Bach and the Baroque Lute

Philip Hii asks whether Bach played the lute and looks at those of Bach's works which may have been originally intended for that instrument

Bach Plucked!

This site is devoted to the music of Bach played on the Baroque lute and Classical guitar. Has information on original Bach works and those that have been transcribed or arranged. Also includes reviews of recordings. Authored by Michael Stitt.

Bach Studies

A site authored by Bach keyboardist and organist Frank Morana. Features sound files of Bach pieces and a critical article on Bach and his polyphony.

Bach's Method of Transcription

Phillip Hi considers how Bach transcribed the A Minor Sonata for solo violin(BWV 1003)for clavier(BWV 904).

The Brandenburg Concertos

Phillip Pickett's essay shows the allegorical meanings contained in the these concertos.

Catalogue of Organ Music by J. S. Bach

One can search this catalogue by title or by BWV number. The year of composition (if known) is also recorded. Produced by the International Organ Foundation.

Chaconne in D Minor J. S. Bach on Guitar

Hear the famous violin chaconne played on guitar by Renato Belluci. There is also an appreciation and commentary on the structure and interpretation of this work. Part of the Mangore site for guitarists.

Classical Music in Russia

Listen to Alexei Parshin playing organ music by Bach. Also features harpsichord music by Bach's sons.

Extraordinary Solo Cello Performance of Bach's Suites in Australia

Interesting review of a concert of the Cello Suites given by Peter Wispelway. Written by Adrian Falk. From the World Socialist Web Site.

The Glenn Gould Archive

Hear Glenn Gould play Bach during test sessions before recording. One can also search for references to publications/documents about Gould and Bach. A sleeve note by Gould to a 1955 public performance of the Goldberg Variations can also be accessed. Hosted by the National Library of Canada.

"Goldberg Variations" by J. S. Bach

Glenn Gould's notes to his 1956 recording of the Goldberg Variations. Part of Richard Geib's Universe.

Goldberg Variations - J. S. Bach - 32 Pianists

Read about a peformance of the Goldberg Variations where each variation was played by a different pianist.

The Goldberg Variations

Contains analyses of this work from Tovey, Angela Hewitt, Yo Tomita etc. Also contains an essay entitled 'In Search of Bach's Harpsichord' by Vance Makin.


Site featuring James Kibbie, Professor of Organ from the University of Michigan. Contains useful programme notes for 18 of Kibbie's Bach organ recitals.

J. S. Bach: Some Thoughts on the Performance of Bach's Keyboard Music

Albert Alan Owen tells us why one should feel no guilt in playing Bach on the piano.

Jan Svankmajer: J. S. Bach Fantasy in G Minor

Features a synopsis and commentary of a film by Svankmajer inspired by Bach's music. Page design by Michael Brooks.

Leopold Stokowski: Making Music Matter

Features audio of Stokowski talking about his Bach transcriptions.

The Library - Reading Room - Cello Articles etc

Includes facsimile copies of the cello suites believed to have been made by Anna Magdalena Bach. Also other Bach/cello articles. Site maintained by Harry Wimmer

A Masonic View of the "Musical Offering"

Janos Cegledy, P.M. looks at possible Masonic symbolism in the Musical Offering. Part of the Freemasonry in Israel website.

Milestones of the Millenium: Bach's "Brandenburg Concertos"

52 minute National Public Radio broadcast offering an exploration of the Concertos with Lisa Simone. Needs RealPlayer.

Music of the Intellect: The Goldberg Variations

This site has in depth commentaries on the Goldberg Variations and the Well Tempered Clavier Book 1. This is a site for the technically minded. Has some nice quotes and interesting piano graphics. There are also Midi files. By Imy Fujita

Music Essay: Analyses of Bach's Allemande

Ioannides Nikolaos analyses the Allemande of Bach's English Suite No. 3 in D Minor.

OrganFocus.com Feature: J. S. Bach and the Organ - Some Neglected Threads.

Stephen Bicknell's lecture concentrates on the elusive search for the 'right organs' to play Bach's music on. This site also contains a comprehensive world-wide listing of forthcoming Bach organ events.

Peter Billam's Arrangements

Play Bach on recorder or recorders. Free PDF downloads available of arranged/transposed pieces. Includes the complete score for a couple of flute sonata's (BWV 1031, BWV 1032).

Suzanne Stephens 7th Homepage Report April 2002

Part of this long report includes a visit made by Stockhausen to St Agnus Church, Koethen where he talked about how he had been inspired by Bach's musical craftsmanship and spirituality. Contained on the official Karlheinz Stockhausen website.

'Tutti Celli' Newsletter

Search for articles about J. S. Bach and the cello. Produced by the Internet Cello Society.

The Variations Project

You can view the full score of the Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 here. Provided by Indiana University School of Music.



Bach Cantatas Website

Hosted by Aryeh Oron. Has everything you need to know about the cantatas including German and English texts and a discussion area which solicits comments on a different cantata every week. There are also biographies on many Bach performers past and present. One can now listen to most of Bach's Cantatas in Real Audio.

The Bach Cantatas

Walter F. Bischof's site sorts the cantatas in different ways such as by when they should be performed in the church year or alphabetically or by BWV number etc. The original German texts are also on this site.

Bach's Cantatas: A Brief Orientation

Briefly goes through the various periods of Bach cantata production.


Listen to preeminent Bach scholar Christopf Wolf giving a lecture on Bach's B Minor Mass. You can also hear the whole piece in Real Audio. Provided by Indiana University.

Bist du bei mir

Janet I. Wassermans essay on this work now thought to be by Stolzel. Contains a recording of the piece in Real Audio and a PDF copy of the score.

The Cantatas of J. S. Bach

Jonathan Dimmocks site lists the cantatas in the order of when they fall during the church year. Has an introduction outlining the historical context of these works as wll as a description of the instruments in use at that time.

Emmanuel Music/Bach Cantata Notes.

Read concert notes of around 30 of Bach's Cantatas. By Craig Smith. Also has English translations of these works side by side with the original German texts

The Freedom of a Christian: Luther considered through the Eyes of Durer and the Ears of Bach

This site features large images of Durer Passion woodcuts together with relevant excerpts from the St Matthew Passion in RealAudio format.

The Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies

A symposium under the title "When Words Hurt: The Gospel of John, Bach's music and Religious Intolerence". You can read the contributors notes on the anti-semitism or otherwise of the Saint John Passion.

J. S. Bach: Mass in B Minor

Contains a commentary on the the different movements of the Mass as well as providing background information. By Xinh.

J. S. Bach: Texts of the Complete Vocal Works with English Translation and Commentry by Z.W.Ambrose

Also features the vocal works sorted by the authors of hymn texts and librettists.

J. S. Bach's Secular Cantatas

Has an introduction which sets out the types of cantatas which come under the secular heading. Movement by movement descriptions of these works with relevant midi files are in the process of construction. By Luke Swartz.

New Bach Composition Discovered

Report from the BBC about the discovery of a motet in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ode to Bach's Mass in B Minor

Poem by Aiden McGhee. Part of Beowulf's Poetry Pages.

Soli Deo Gloria

Has excerpt's of Bach Cantata's conducted by John Elliot Gardiner. Also contains Pdf files of the sleevenotes to the cd's produced by the Soli Deo Gloria label.



Bach Central

A site which contains numerous midis and mp3s of Bach's music.

The Bach Chorales

Big site maintained by Margaret Greentree featuring chorale midis. There are 820 pieces here which can be downloaded. Has a lot of information about midi files as well.

Boyung Lee Classical Mp3

This site has downloadable Mp3's including the Goldberg Variations. You do not have to download special letter characters to view this site.

Bruno de Giusti's Web Site

Bruno's site features his own Midi transcriptions. Includes the Goldberg Variations and rarer Midi territory such as the Six Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin. Enthusiast for Midi.

Classical Music Archives: J.S Bach

Extremely comprehensive site. Has a near complete St Matthew Passion and a complete St John Passion!! Has different Midi versions of the same pieces in some cases. Files can be downloaded. There are also some downloadable mp3's performed by mainly Eastern European artists.

Cyber Hymnal

A massive site containing hymn melodies. Contains some Midis of Bach chorales with information on their background and texts in English. Midis can be downloaded.

DoveSong.com - Music of J.S. Bach in MP3 Format

A site which looks into the healing qualities of music. Includes a short essay on Bach and a complete version of Cantata No. 78 to download in MP3 format. Hosted by Don Robertson.

Experimental and Rhythmic Interpretations of J. S. Bach

Contains movements from the Art of Fugue arranged for jazz ensemble. Can be downloaded in either WMA or MP3 format. By Kenneth Johnson.


Download an mp3 Bach excerpt played on a LEGO harpsichord constructed by Henry Lim.


Interesting midi "orchestral version" of the Art of Fugue.

Kunst Der Fuge

Has many Bach Midis focusing on canons and fugues including different variants of a piece. Also contains detailed information on Bach's life and work.

Lou Filliger Plays the Well Tempered Klavier Book 2

Downloadable mp3's of Book 2 (complete) by this pianist.

Midi Interpretations and Compositions by S. D. Rodrian

Contains a complete Well Tempered Clavier. There are also Midi versions of keyboard works such as the complete French Suites, Partitas etc.


A lot of Bach Midis here including a version of the B Minor Mass and excerpts from the St Matthew Passion. Also Bach concerto arrangements after other composers. Lots of Handel, Shostakovich etc. as well. Downloadable.


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