I am an author and writer!
My credits include (at present) teaching Creative Writing through the Continuing Education class for Senior Citizens at North West Tarrant County College in Ft Worth, Texas. I produce and contibute to printed Anthologies for the students and staff. During the Fall 2002 semester we had a wonderful 150 page Anthology which included poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

I've taught Computer classes for six years at the college and alternately taught Drawing and Genealogy, as well. My additional writing credits are:

My murder mystery called "Dead Men Don't Deal!" see the blurb on the right side of the screen, please Publish America in Fredrick, Maryland. It is available on line through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, books a million, Bookstop and most book websites, as well at most book stores by request or at the publishers online site.
In the process of being published is also a book of my poetry called "BOX OF MIXED CHOCOLATES", just released. Also in progress is a new murder mystery called, "The Gingerbread Man".

I have written an adventure novella called "The Borgia Affair" that concerns the theft of a rare Mexican antiquity; and A children's board book called "Captain Black Jack", a story about a cat that catches a hot air balloon and sees some fascinating sights.

I'm in the process of a mainstream generational epic called "Illusive Mexican Legacy" . A story of a Scot-Irish family that moves to Texas to begin a new life in the early 1900s. They are run out of Mexico by Pancho Villa and the heroine's goal is to try to regain their lost property in Mexico.

I'm a member of the Sister's in Crime a group dedicated to helping women and men writers in the Crime field, writers with woman heroines, as well as other types of woman writers. This organization was started by Sara Petretsky and includes other such famous authors as Mary Higgins Clark, Patricia Sprinkle, and Caroline Hart. My branch is part of this group and can be found at

Cowtown Crimesolvers

I am also honored to be a member of two other outstanding women's organizations,

Phenomenal Women of the Web
Women of Wonder

I'm a member ofThe Short Mystery Group (there is a place to join on the right hand side if you are interested.)

I belong to another great writing group. Critiquer's corner

These are all great groups of SERIOUS writers interested in perfecting their craft through critiquing and sharing. You may join these groups if you apply and are approved by the manager of each group.

It was my pleasure, before their demise, to write for both Themestream and The Vines Network online. They were a big loss to the computing community when they disappeared due to financial problems. I've had articles and poems published in Sunchaser Magazine, Poet's Corner, Haven's List, and written several articles for the Ft Worth Star-Telegram Newspaper.

Other credits include authoring and running newpapers for the Southwest Florida State T.B. Hospital where I worked as an Occupational Therapist for seven years; as well as writing a newletters for the Western Hills Retirement Home in Ft Worth, Texas where I was the Activity Director.

As a side line, I enjoy working part time on a computer, admitting exhibitors during the Super Markets for the Dallas World Trade Center on occasion

My other hobbies include poetry, sculpting, drawing, painting, ceramics, reading, genealogy, photography, knitting, sewing, quilting, traveling, gourmet cooking, playing several musical instruments and love music of all kinds.

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This is your's truly, Roberta Corinne Britt.
(I write poetry and children's books under Corinne, but my other books are written under the name of Robbie Britt)

I was born and raised in the military life. I've traveled extensively and now live in Texas. I'm a Polio
survivor, who has Post Polio Syndrome and have several other type of dis-ABILITIES, none of which hold me back.

never did do anything!

Dead Men Don't Deal

click here.
Both my books can be purchased through www.PublishAmerica.com, www.amazon.com, WWW.bn.com or at any book store by ordering using the
ISBN#1-4137-2696-9 "Dead Men Don't Deal", my murder mystery
ISBN#1-4137-5701-4 "A Box Of Mixed Chocolates, my poetry book
Also any bookstore will order it for you and call to tell you when it comes.


Born To Be Wild

This is a fantastic book of Wild Life photography with 140 photographs and 224 pages. The photos will amaze you.The book is written in English, a hard covered Coffee-Table book that is published by:
BNPS Worldwide Inc. and photographer Ferenc Cegledi at


Please visit his website and also view the wonderful Calendars and pictures.

click here.

A good friend's book is about her American Indian relatives. Her name is
Donna Flood
"Keeping Up With the Jones"

available on

www.amazon.com and www.publishamerica.com

One of my Students wrote an entertaining book of poetry.His name is
Hollis Davis
"Coffee Shop Poems with Cream"

available by submitting his name in the search engine at

www.amazon.com and www.publishamerica.com

Other Authors of interest


Other Authors of interest:
Two friends and fellow writing teachers:
Helen Hogan has a murder mystery called "Warning Shot" available at



Barbara Jean Fisher has two books out
a love story
"Stolen Moments" and a children's book "Nobody's Lion"
to purchase go to
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