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RESIST! is no longer being published.  Enjoy the site.  It is no longer updated.

an independent
marxist and feminist
Welcome to the RESIST! website.

RESIST! is a new magazine put out by a small group of marxist feminists committed to building movements and building socialism.

Are you angry about the way this system works, sick of sexism, tired of workers' rights being trampled, fed up with racism and homophobia, disgusted that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer?

Are you ready to start

If so, then
RESIST! is the magazine for you!

Get active to change the world! Check out our website, think about ordering some of our pamphlets and maybe even consider getting involved in the Resistance Collective (which puts out RESIST!).

Explore the site!
You can read articles* from our magazine. Or you can look at the different pamphlets* we publish on issues such as feminism, immigrant and refugee rights and environmental justice.  Read about the Resistance Collective* and what we stand for. Subscribe* to the magazine or order some of our pamphlets. Or you can check out our links* to activist and left groups all around the world. And you can email us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
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