Response #3 to Pastor Al

By Merle Hertzler

Here is the next comment posted to me by Pastor Alfredo Martinez Jr. at my blog.

On weekends I am very busy. Thanks for your patience.

I have read your reply. I apalogize for not remaining on the topic of evolution. So let's continue. (You have challenged me to better myself on this topic and I accept.)

If you do not mind, can we start slow? What is your definition of evolution?

Here is my response:

Pastor Al,

You asked me to define evolution. The definition at Wikipedia is a good place to start: "In the life sciences, evolution is a change in the traits of living organisms over generations, including the emergence of new species. Since the development of modern genetics in the 1940s, evolution has been defined more specifically as a change in the frequency of alleles in a population from one generation to the next. In other fields evolution is used more generally to refer to any process of change over time. "

Biological evolution refers to the change in the genes of populations of creatures with respect to time. Science has shown that this process of biological evolution is responsible for the variations of life today.








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