Discussion of Evolution


Here are some additional writings and debates on evolution.

Debate with Pastor Al

Is there any evidence for evolution?

Response #1: Pastor Al argues against evolution, and I respond.

Response #2: Pastor Al argues for the Bible:

Response #3: We come back on topic: What is evolution?

Response #4: Pastor Al portrays himself as a skeptic of evolution, and asks questions.

Response #5: Pastor Al turns to quotes

Response #6: Should evolution be in textbooks?

Response #7: Only evolution can explain the evidence:



Debate with Mike Purington

Opening email from Mike Purington (1/3/08

In Six Days? (My first response 1/12/08)

In Defense of Creation (By Mike Purington, offsite, 1/25/08)

In Six Days? (continued) (My second response 1/30/08)

Evidence for an Old Earth (By Mike Purington, offsite, 2/25/08)

In Six Days? (Part 3) My third response 3/3/08

In Six Days? (Email response By Mike Purington 3/4/08)

In Six Days? (Part 4) My fourth response 3/10/08

In Six Days? (Email response By Mike Purington 3/13/08)

In Six Days? (Part 5) My fifth response 4/6/08

Young Earth Creationism

Answers in Genesis?

Can We Trust Science?

Other Debates

Defending Evolution

What About Those Smart Guys Who Believed?







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