The Wilson / Hertzler Debate

By Merle Hertzler

Jeffrey Wilson of Bradenton, Florida wrote a response to My Story that I had published at my site. This began a debate between Jeffrey and myself. I include the debate here, so you can contrast my views with Wilson's.

My Story I tell the story of my change from fundamentalism to despair to moderate evangelical faith to secular humanism.

Wilson's First Reply, January 7, 2006.  Wilson challenges the value of my move to humanism.

My First Reply, January 21, 2006  I defend my story.

Wilson's Second Reply January 27, 2006. Wilson questions if I was ever a Christian, and defends the Bible and Creationism.

My Second Reply January 29, 2006 I challenge his defense of the Bible, and clarify the story of my life.

Final Remarks February 15, 2006 I conclude the debate.






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