Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet


This annex to the Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet Handbook is designed to be an aid to ship commanders, flag officers and council representatives in the execution of their duties as leaders within the fleet.

Here's a few basic things to remember as you perform your duties:

1. Remember that this is a FAN CLUB --- NOT REAL LIFE. You're not going to be able to order anyone around and get away with it (especially if the person is your girlfriend or boyfriend). All you'll do is make lots of enemies. The members of this fleet are all VOLUNTEERS; they don't have to be here, and they don't owe you anything. You have to earn their respect, you can't demand it.

2. Encourage UNIFORMED attendance at public activities, where appropriate. Uniforms, headpieces and good makeup are what set us apart and make us memorable. We have won numerous awards against worthy opponents; we have high standards and expect you to try to meet them. You can find Feddies everywhere; a good-looking, believable Klingon is hard to find. Donít look like a human in a Klingon uniform, look like a Klingon.

3. Remember, and remind your people, that when you are at a public appearance you are representing all of us (and fandom in general). If you don't want people to think of us as geeks or jerks, don't act like one. Heckling of other acts or performances while they are on stage is dishonorable and will not be tolerated. When you are at charity or school events this is particularly important. If you want to take an example from the show, it's better to act like Worf at such events than like most other Klingons. Be Klingon, but be courteous to outsiders; that way you'll be invited back next time.


Each chapter in the fleet is semiautonomous. Each chapter is organized as either a ship, fighter wing, or marine battalion, as stated in the main handbook. The smallest size for a chapter is five individuals over the age of 15. Most new chapters will probably be started by splitting off from an existing chapter; in these cases the members of the existing chapter will choose which chapter they wish to go with. All new chapters and who commands them must be approved by the High Council. Chapter commanders must be at least Lieutenant, as previously stated, and must be 21 or older.

When a new chapter is started in an area where no previous IKBF chapter (and no fleet members) existed before, the High Council will establish the requirements to be met by the new chapter. New chapters will normally be started in such an area by inducting individuals into the IKBF as new recruits and "growing" the new chapters. Complete chapters will not normally be recruited en masse, as a group, from outside organizations. Induction of whole groups (i.e. existing ships or outposts from other organizations) into the IKBF is by invitation only from the High Council.


The High Council is the governing body of the fleet. Its functions are described in the main part of the handbook.


The chapter commander is responsible for conducting monthly meetings, supervising chapter activities, recording and submitting accumulation of service and honor points, and other duties as directed by the High Council. Specific tasks should be delegated to other officers to facilitate ease of operation and encourage participation.

Chapter commanders and flag officers have three primary responsibilities:

1. Set the example. Chapter commanders, as the senior officer of their chapter, are expected to set the example in demeanor and appearance. They should strive to improve their uniforms and makeup continually, and encourage their crew to do the same.† They are expected to show up at all major events and every chapter meeting. They are expected to show up at events early to help out, and to encourage others to do so as well.

2. Keep your people informed. Chapter and squadron commanders are responsible for ensuring that their people know what is going on. If your people are going to another chapter (asking other chapter commanders) for information, you arenít doing your job. This is a responsibility you accepted when you accepted the command. You have to take the time to communicate with your people.

3. Recruit more Klingons. The health, effectiveness and image of the fleet as an organization is dependent on membership. All leaders are responsible to add members to the fleet at every opportunity. If you havenít recruited somebody new this year, you arenít doing your job.

Following are some basic guidelines for a chapter's commanding officer:

1. Hold monthly meetings. These meetings are good for encouraging participation, coming up with new ideas for activities, discussing current Trek fact/fiction, etc. Look for new activities which several group members find fun. Chances are interest will increase as more people participate in it.

2. Mailings/emailings to all chapter personnel to keep them aware of all activities. This may be done either by yourself or by assigning other individuals the responsibility, however, it MUST be done by someone on a fairly regular basis. (this can include a copy of meeting minutes to those who are interested in ships activities, but are unable to attend meetings). Have a webpage for your ship.

3. Each chapter is responsible for establishing dues and running their own treasury; dues and revenue from fund raisers should always at least cover your postage charges and the costs of awards and medals as necessary. Occasionally each ship will be asked to chip in on the cost of fleet activities, so you should have a reserve for that. Fleet does not usually have its own treasury.

4. Wherever possible, find out when and where conventions are occurring in your area and try to attend. If possible, contact the convention company/organizers and see if it is possible for your ship to assist in exchange for a recruiting table. (Contact the High Council for specifics as to how this can be accomplished as well as to see it if has already been arranged, etc.)

5. Put together a table display which you can bring to conventions for recruiting purposes. Your table display should include:

††† A) Table cover display

††† B) Ship Banner

††† C) Ship Photo album(s)

††† D) Recruiting flyers

††† E) Any weapons or other Klingon items which might be good "attention getters".

6. Try to attain and maintain positive relations with other groups in your area (Klingon and Non-Klingon). If possible, set up joint activities with these groups (LazerTag, role play or gaming, Klingon contributions to charity, etc.).

7. Aid in minimizing individual, chapter, and fleet conflicts. If you're aware of a problem and you are not working towards a solution, you have become part of that problem. Always try to achieve "positive" solutions, rather than leaving people feeling bitter. In some cases a transfer to another ship may be the only way to work out a personality difference. Don't let a problem get out of hand before you determine that you don't have the resources to solve it; keep your chain of command informed. Use the High Council to resolve problems you cannot. The High Council reserves the right to act to resolve issues which affect more than one chapter.

8. Be certain that your "crew" doesn' t get "buried in the part". It's fun to act like a Klingon, but if people get too carried away with it, they are perceived as being obnoxious. Beligerence is NOT a 'Klingon' trait, and it is NOT honorable combat. Remind them of Rule #1 under "basic things to remember".

9. There will be a High Council meeting every quarter. Please bring to it the following:

A) List of meetings and other activities in which crewmembers participated.

B) Updated records on all crewmembers experience/honor points. Be prepared to present for review the records of any officer you are recommending for promotion, or anyone recommended for an honorific.

C) Items of importance to the ship/fleet. (New Klingon and Non-Klingon groups in the area, suggestions for new group activities, etc.) These things will be of interest to other ships as well as your own.† Remember as you do this that members who submit a particularly good idea for a Fleet or ship event or for a change in policy or procedure that results in honor for the Fleet or an enhanced experienced for its members should be rewarded.

10. Occasionally the IKBF is invited to appear at public functions. These invitations come about because of our appearance, discipline and attention to uniform and makeup quality. To ensure we get invited back to these events, the IKBF gives chapter commanders the right to limit participation by members who have failed to meet acceptable appearance or discipline standards. In addition, if the High Council feels that an entire chapter is not meeting these standards, the High Council reserves the right to vote on that chapterís participation at public functions. Such votes will be held on a case by case basis so that any effort made by members of the chapter in question to improve their apprearance can be taken into account. Please note that the IKBF High Council cannot restrict the rights of individuals or chapters to show up at any particular public access event; it can, however, withdraw the authorization of that individual or chapter to represent the IKBF.

Tips and things to practice for public functions:

It's a common to hear the battle cry, "Photo Op!" the moment a tourist's camera presents an opportunity at "immortality." Still, you may need to remind your warriors to "Look alive, you may just fool someone!" It's too easy to stare blankly at the camera like some semi-posable action figure. But entertaining, now that's a different challenge! A typical feddie, when asked to pose, will usually stand at attention. With fear in their eyes, they will look right into the camera. The tourist would ask for an "action shot" and the typical feddie would hold the same stance, draw their phaser and aim straight to the camera, often obscuring the weapon and even their face. Don't let this happen to you! Aim your body and balance off into another direction. A photo is not a work of art unless it has flow and energy. Be expressive. Show a little fang, (no fingers!) leer from a turned head. Just prove that you're not a statue. Use props.

Every now and then, a member gets the rare opportunity to appear before the camera of a television news reporter. If you know how to strike fast and hard, you're blurt out a sound byte that will actually get air time. If you gag and sound uncertain, you will end up on the cutting room floor. Practice with your warriors, their screen presence by using a videocam or a tape recorder (Like in football training camps, coaches playback drills to their players). Your entire team can learn from this and have a good laugh at the same time.

Keep in mind the event you're at and the twisted appeal this might have to a Klingon. You are almost certain to be asked a question like: "What brings you here today?" Know the answer! Good punch-lines and poetry have something in common that's very important, they are delivered in less than three seconds. Find a statement you can deliver with conviction. A superior species such as ourselves exudes confidence.

Know your limits when working the jail. You are not the law of the land. Even real police are sued if they abuse their position, and charges of assault can be often be won with as little as a single witness who sees you "touch" someone against their consent.


Rank and honor is granted to recognize those individuals who, through their dedication and hard work, have enabled their chapter and the fleet to grow and operate efficiently. It is the duty of the chapter commander to document this participation and keep a cumulative record of points achieved for each chapter member. The commander is also responsible for submitting this information to the Council prior to requesting promotions, honorifics or medals. Specific guidelines for award of experience and honor points is presented in the following pages.


Experience points are earned towards promotions. These points are for activities which benefit the chapter and the fleet. The chapter commander may promote individuals up to the rank of Yeoman (or its equivalent). Promotions of all officers require the approval of the High Council.



Attending (and Participating in) a chapter/squadron/fleet meeting

1/2/3 per meeting

Hosting a chapter/squadron/fleet meeting

2/3/4 per meeting

Playing Lazer Tag

1 per 4 hours

Attending a public event as a member of the fleet (convention, charity event, hospital or school visit, etc.)(not including gaming)

†2 per day

Working during any public activity representing the fleet (manning fleet table, setting up or taking down the jail or the feast, performing at feasts, etc)

1 per 2 hours

Wearing a Classic Klingon Uniform

1 per 4 hours

Wearing an Imperial Battledress or comparable Uniform with headpiece (STTNG, DS9 or movies)

1 per 2 hours

Wearing Klingon Imperial leisure wear (w/headpiece)

1 per 3 hours

Recruiting new members

10 per new uniformed member

Playing sanctioned StarFleet Battles or other related TREK game

1 per 4 hours

Special Assignment or Task

2 to 10 *

Written event report of half page or more, which is used in fleet publication

1 per report

Performing extra chapter/fleet duties (newsletter, minutes, organizing events, etc.)

2 per month per duty*

Successful completion of 11-part Klingon Postal Course


Designated official ship/fleet photographer for an event (one only per ship)

2 per event*

* Commanding officer's discretion


Honor points are awarded for service to the fleet and/or community that are above and beyond average participation. Honor awards must be approved by the High Council. Honor points are earned as follows:



Participating in a Charitable / Community Activity representing the Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet (excluding gaming and conventions)

1 per 2 hours

Conducting IKBF educational/instructional /promotional task (panels, seminars, etc., excluding gaming, unless running a TREK-related game at a convention as a member of IKBF)

1 per 2 hours

Providing transportation for other fleet members to a convention / event in excess of 125 miles / 2 hours each way

2 per event

Heading a committee for fleet activities

2 per month per event

Other (specified by commanding officer)

1 to 5 *

Individual Best in Show in masquerade

6 to 8**

Individual 1st Place in masquerade

3 to 5**

Group Best in Show in masquerade

5 to 7**

Group 1st Place in masquerade

2 to 4**

1st Place in hall costume, etc. (non-masquerade competition)

1 to 5**

Workmanship Award

3 to 5**

Performance at a Feast or in Masquerade

1 to 5 **

2nd or 3rd Place in Masquerade

Council discretion

* Commanding officer's discretion

** Case by case basis, based on the quality and quantity of competition






Warrior 1st Class


SuvwI' cha'DIch SUVWI' CA'DIC
Warrior 2d Class


SuvwI' wa'DIch


Corporal / Da'


HoS 10

Sergeant / bu'


Yeoman / ne'


'Iwlu' 20

Student / HaDwI'


Ensign / lagh


Lieutenant / Sogh


TAI 30

Fluent / jatlhwI'


Lt. Commander / Major / Sogh la'





Commander / Lt. Colonel / la'



Linguist / po'


Captain / Colonel / HoD





Brigadier General / 'ech



High Priest(ess)


Commodore / Major General / totlh


joH (Lord of a House) 200

Gramarian / pab


Vice Admiral / Lieutenant General / Sa'


Ancient / pab 'utlh


Admiral / Marshal/ 'aj



A record should be maintained on each crewmember of your chapter. When a member transfers to another chapter a copy of the record must be forwarded to the new chapter. Each record should be submitted to the High Council on a yearly basis in November or December, and must be presented to the Council any time an officer promotion or honorific is recommended.


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