May 1999
This was not an actual newsletter but was the news section for the short-lived members' area.

Scientists may soon be able to predict magnetic bursts, known as coronal mass ejections, several days in advance. They have linked an S-shaped pattern on the sun to the high probability that there may be an eruption there in the next few days.

NASA may be hired to build a defense mechanism that will be put into Earth orbit and will be able to shoot down any missle(s) headed at the U.S.

NASA is going to help two American car manufacturers apply energy-saving technology used on the space shuttle to new electric cars.

Bose has introduced a new unit in their Wave Radio line. The new unit now includes a CD player and you can connect any Bose speakers to the unit to create a high-fidelity system.

New Jersey is planning a new program that will replace the current driver's licenses with a new card that has a chip on it. The chip keeps track of the driver's record. The card will also be linked to the person's bank account and allow them to pay tolls with their driver's license.

Flat microchips may be replaced by spherical microchips. The new microchips would be cheaper to manufacture because they can be created in air tight tubes, instead of in clean rooms.

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